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Thread: Mark is tied up in red tape.

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    Mark is tied up in red tape.

    We are on our way this afternoon to a hospital 100 miles away from our home, because of a really stupid hospital rule. Mark needs renal dialysis 3 times a week, and he has been in the hospital since last Friday when they found a blood clot in his leg. They admitted him after his treatment. This morning they discharged him and took him to dialysis, but we have to go to Missoula because they can not do dialysis on an inpatient. I would love to take him home (we live 2 blocks from the hospital) but his I & R is really unstable. I cant take a chance, but being away with Mike and the boys really puts me in a spot. I do have my aunt who can do Mike's care, but it is a lot to ask someone to take on Mike, Decco and the boys.

    I cant say a word about the care at our hospital because the staff always go way above the call of duty with both Mike and Mark, but this rule sucks.

    Mark sends his love and will be back as soon as he gets home. I will keep him up on the goings on, but probably will leave out my bitchiness.

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    Hi Andes. Not a good rule. Gosh. Sorry poor Mark has a clot. Let him know we are thinking of him!!


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    What a pain! Hope he's home soon.

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    Such annoying bullshit. I hope things go as smooth as possible and look forward to his return.

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    wishes and prayers for you guys.

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    Send him our love back Andes, and out love to all of you. Don't know how much snow you guys are getting up there, but be safe.
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    All the best to you figuring out what to do here, you're an angel of a sis, I wish just one of my 4 sisters could get over seeing me in a chair... 20 years, maybe 20 visits total. Oh well, you make up for all of them, and I survive! Blessings...give Mark our best.

    Quote Originally Posted by Andes View Post
    I will keep him up on the goings on, but probably will leave out my bitchiness.
    lol, we won't tell.

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    Hi Andes,
    Sorry about the stupid rules, and sorrier too that Mark has had to deal with another health issue. Please give him my best, and a hug for you too.

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    hey girl...don't even leave out the bitchiness...I know Mark would really get a kick out of you not only standing up for others but giving it back! You're new and that certain someone enjoys putting out his crap to caregivers...

    I hope and pray the weather is on your side for the trip and everything goes well with Marks treatment...I think you are one awesome lady and I know your parents are looking down with such pride...your plate is so full, blessings to everyone! hugs, judy

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    Same bullstien goes on in our hospitals. I sat in the ER for 8 hours...i needed a blood transfusion but they had no doctor to admit me. So after 8 hours i ask what is going on! I was told the on call doc was not answering his i was a but testy and said "are you saying he is the only doctor that works here or what?" lol I was told that i had to be admitted and no doctors that work there are accepting new patients. lol How funked up is that?!
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