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Thread: Creative ways to carry a bouquet

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    I held a bouquet and was pushed by a groomsman as it was outside on bumpy terrain.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wise Young View Post
    Kiran, I was just thinking that you could get a "quiver" that is normally used for holding arrows and put the flowers in the quiver.
    Wise's response has to win the prize for "creative", though!

    Very cool quivers.

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    Too bad Martha Stewart is not here to chime in, I'm sure she would have some good creative ideas.

    Heck if it was me I'd just stuff the flowers in my back pack, that way everyone could have a nice view of them when your up at the alter, typical guy response I guess
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    A similar one was made for me as a wrist corsage and I pushed myself.

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    Just have the florist make your bouquet in such a way that one side is fairly flat. I've been in about 5 wedding parties and always just put it in my lap. Just make sure you're holding the nice side for pictures.
    Oh and make sure there is extra waterproofing around the stems.... a wet mark on the lap is never nice .. esp in bridesmaid silks and chiffons!

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