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Thread: Creative ways to carry a bouquet

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    oops necklace

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    Quote Originally Posted by betheny View Post
    What if he held your hand and pulled?
    My boyfriend & I do that alot when we go to the mall or wherever and want to hold hands. That was what I wanted to do for this last wedding I was in, but he couldnt keep me straight! And with the bouquet in my other hand I wasn't able to help.
    Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get.

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    I thought about you when I caught like, 5 minutes of the opening ceremonies for the olympics. heh. did you see it?
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    One long stemmed rose in your teeth.

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    what an interesting topic...May i ask why did the bouquet on your lap didnt work? btw, when is Amrit's big day?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Broknwing View Post
    idk if you could alter this idea, but i'm going to carry a "pomander" style boquet for my wedding in Oct...I plan to walk down the aisle with my forearm crutches & tie it on a silk ribbon to hang & move with my steps(yes, it'll take lots of practice but everything will) and then It'll sit on my lap & the ribbon will tie around my waist when I'm in my chair...
    I really must have had my head in the sand...but this is the first time I realized you were getting married! Congrats!
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    Quote Originally Posted by lurch View Post
    One long stemmed rose in your teeth.
    and you'll look like a dog..haha
    Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KiranA View Post
    I'm a bridesmaid in my sister's wedding in August and I'm wondering if anyone has neat ideas to carry bouquets, considering I'll be wheeling down the aisle. I was a bridesmaid for my other sister's wedding in 2006, and I found that resting the bouquet on my lap didn't work too well because it was bouncing around a lot. My older sis had the "white dress" ceremony outdoors, as will my younger sister, so the surface I'll be pushing on won't be very smooth.
    Kiran, I was just thinking that you could get a "quiver" that is normally used for holding arrows and put the flowers in the quiver. There of course many quivers and ways of holding them. You can get an antique one that can be worn on the back, i.e.

    There are hunting quivers, such as the following:

    Here is a archery quiver for target shooting

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    You could attach a ribbon to your dress with a safety pin and secure the bouquet to your lap, or in front of your knees. Another option could be to tape or zip tie a small piece of ABS pipe or decorated tube to your chair by your leg and put the bouquet in there while you push.
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    I actually really like the idea of attaching the bouquet to a ribbon around my waist. It will probably be the most inconspicuous way. I wouldn't want to look too different than the other bridesmaids, but there are some great ideas here!! Thanks everyone!

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