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Thread: Caregiver down :(

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    Healing thoughts and wishes MSWife,hugs too.


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    Thanks again, I am feeling better. Still swollen but not hurting as bad.

    Thank you for your kind words. I do many jobs around here that most women would not so I don't think nothing of it about crawling in the crawl space. I was raised oldest of three daughters and was brought up to learn all aspects of life. I guess I was "dads little boy" (the one he never got), but I am thankful for that now as I have put lots of what he taught me into use and then learned even more. When I called my parents to tell them what happened, mom was all concerned, she was going to come over and take care of me, etc. dad was in the background saying shake it off, you'll be fine. haha

    Anyway its getting better, and I am off to clean the 7 inches of snow we got off the driveway gotta take David to therapy today plus our daughter has strep.

    Caregiver back on duty

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    Paralysis is easy. Hats off to you MSWIFE1 for your loving kindness. Hope you get well soon.

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    Sorry. I hope you get well soon. Will say a prayer for you. Mona

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    how is it going with your booboo?

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    Thanks everyone. The swelling has went down but I'm still sore. It's actually all black and blue now. The plus side of this is that David has been trying alot to help himself more. He has actually gotten himself up and out of bed with the ceiling lift about 4 times and emptied his own cath bag. (yea I'm playing the pain up a bit here at home and its working!)

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    That is good

    And I hope your hand is better soon
    TH 12, 43 years post

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    I just saw this thread. I'm glad your feeling better . Its sort of interesting at what we (those of us requiring care) can "force" ourselves to do when we are in a pinch.

    I agree with VanQuad, you are the one with the hard job . He is very lucky to have your support and love!

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    Thank you Van Quad and Becky.

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    Play that pain up!!!!! lol...

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