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Thread: Northern Bean Soup with Smoked Turkey Wings

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    Northern Bean Soup with Smoked Turkey Wings

    Today was definitely a day for a pot of beans!

    More pic's and recipe at The Wolfe Pit

    Visit - The Wolfe Pit Channel

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    I'm not a huge fan of beans, but that looks pretty good. I've never had Northern White beans - what are they like?

    I hate kidney beans, but I'll eat conneloni (sp?) beans.

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    WolfMan, your photography is as great as your cooking. I look forward to both the recipe ideas and the photos. They look good enough to eat.
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    They looked so fabulous, bet the smoked wings give them a great flavor. Now ya went and inspried me! I love any kind of bean (it's the Army brat in me) and make them often. My fav are the homemade baked beans, the kind ya bake from scratch and cook all day. I savor those and only make them down this way when its cooler.

    ps- My gram/mom taught me to always throw away the water the beans soaked in, it takes aways a good deal of the gas.

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