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Thread: Hope

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    I kinda lost a lot of hope in the 2000's. Before those years I had a lot of hope, but it was all just such a let down during the decade of the 2000's. I've pretty much faced the fact I'll always be in a wheelchair until I die which hopefully wont be at least until around 2030 or so when I'm 72. Much more than 72 years old I dont think I'll want to be around.
    "Life is about how you
    respond to not only the
    challenges you're dealt but
    the challenges you seek...If
    you have no goals, no
    mountains to climb, your
    soul dies".~Liz Fordred

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    When I was a little girl I hoped for a pair of red cowboy boots. I hoped for a Teddy Ruxpin. Then I hoped that Jase LaCross would ask me to the prom. I usually got everything I hoped for. When I got older I hoped that they would find a cure for the disease that stole my dad, then I hoped that chemo would work for my mom. Now I hope for things like my brother deciding to go on a ventalator, and the blood clot in Mark's leg will desolve and not move. I hope that no one else in my family will get this . I think back when those red cowboy boots were the most important thing in my life.
    Without hope of some kind there would be no point in going on. I hope for different things now and I think I am willing to settle for less. I dont hope for a cure anymore but I hope for more time.

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    Hope is a very simple concept for me -- it's the drive to continue moving forward, often in the presence of adversity, because I know things will be better if I can just persevere. Things may not get much better, and the state of being better than I am now may not last for long, but hope is what keeps me going on through the bad until I get to the better. (I really hope this makes sense to someone besides me.)

    False hope may feel good for a while, but it always ends in despair and crushed spirits when the individual who holds on to it realizes that it is something that cannot/will not ever come to be. It can serve a purpose if it keeps you moving forward, but it carries with it the high risk that any gains it brings will be lost as soon as it is exposed as being false.

    I prefer to accept a realistic vision of what's ahead -- it allows me to celebrate the good while minimizing the disappointments along the way.

    (In all honesty, I've been known to live by the rule, "Expect the worst and be pleasantly surprised if things turn out better than that", but that's another philosophical discussion altogether.)
    It is easier to find men who will volunteer to die, than to find those who are willing to endure pain with patience.

    ~Julius Caesar

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    I guess my main hope at this point personally is that nothing gets much worse until I die in my early 70's and that I can maintain my current lifestyle as long as possible. That something like Cancer does not come along or other dire health problem.
    "Life is about how you
    respond to not only the
    challenges you're dealt but
    the challenges you seek...If
    you have no goals, no
    mountains to climb, your
    soul dies".~Liz Fordred

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    Why are you planning on dieing in your early 70's? I mean, people can live productive lives till their 90's...

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    Quote Originally Posted by med100 View Post
    Why are you planning on dieing in your early 70's? I mean, people can live productive lives till their 90's...
    High quality of life for a 90 something sci ,that's pretty hopeful.

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    Depends on someone's definition of "high quality" life.. maybe fulfilling life...

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    The only hope I have is to be able to get a job and the accessibility is getting better so I can live a whole life. That has been my hope for 40 years. But I haven't lost it and I am still going to fight for it. But I understand that is difficult for you to understand since you have such good accessibility and a lot of you have jobs

    And I wonder if people will every meet me like an equal person and not only a disable person who don't deserve any respect.

    But you have went a long way for that and I think a lot of people here has resigned and now I am starting to be older so I am not sure if I will see that before I loose the respect again because I have been old and are stuffed in a nursing home
    TH 12, 43 years post

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    I sure get it! Fighting for accessibility I do all the time, and getting work and keeping it, as a wheelchair user, is very challenging.

    I just took pics today of steps on a sidewalk at a crosswalk! (added as my avatar)... and this is a city which calls itself affluent and advanced. For 6 years, they were carrying this man in his chair to get to work at the police station, because they did not have a ramp. I joined with a couple of others and brought the TV and media on them. Funny, day before the event they decided to put in a temporary ramp.

    Stereotypes... I think that is why I still fight so hard for access in my city, because want to pave an accessible path for someone else. This gives me hope.

    I also fear future and living in a nursing home...but try to just think about what I can do today and move forward for today.
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    They do that with the children in the schools where I live. My smallest child has never gone to an accessible school and if his father doesn't care to come and carry my up the stairs I have never been able to go on schools for meetings.

    I survieve but I wonder how the children feel when they have to be carried in and out of the school every day and have to stay inside in all the breaks. It is sad.

    My main consern is that I can't get inside to buy food without somebody carry me inside in the shops, it is 8 steps in one and 4 in the other one. And I would like to get inside in all the cafes here and not sit outside all the winter in the cold. And with a bathroom.

    And I want a job, a job where I can use my education, not a job they have made for mentally retarded.
    TH 12, 43 years post

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