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Thread: Hope

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    Something that I have been thinking about lately:

    What does hope mean to you? Does false hope serve a purpose? What is preferable: accepting a realistic vision of things--or clinging to false hope?

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    Dear Orangejello,
    Hope is what keeps me going everyday. I am pretty new to SCI and was once a former marathon runner. I know I will never run again but I do have hope I might stand and possibly regain bowel and blatter. That would be a Blessing. when I read articles from Dr. Weiss and others on research , it just seems so positive in this century. We have come so far in the last five years. It is worth the hope to see what the future holds for us.

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    were there is life there is hope. you can still be realistic and have room for hope. I guess it depends what you hope for.

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    I think with out any hope, it would be difficult to go on. While clinging to ridiculously false hopes are not good, clinging to ones that may be a stretch is probably a good thing.

    I need to think a bit more on this.
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    NO Hope is the only False Hope. I hold on to hope, it keeps me going each day. 20 yrs is awhile, some days the hope is stronger than others.

    I don't necessarily hold on to hope for myself----but for others.
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    False hope is nice, it keeps me going at least. The hope of a better tomorrow or the hope that this really isn't "it".

    But strangely I never needed hope before SCI. I could live day by day and just enjoy being alive. If I wanted something I would work until I got it. I was never like, "Oh I hope I do well on this exam!" Or "Oh I hope I win at this bench press competition". I would study my ass off to get that grade and lift everyday until I hit my goal. So I didn't put much thought into "hope" until after I was faced with something I couldn't obtain by working hard.

    Beating SCI I think falls into a different category for some people. When something like this is taken from you, you may realize you might not ever get who you use to be back . . .then you get in a different mind set.

    I think thats when hope jumps in and makes you think that maybe you can get it back or that maybe life can still be everything you expected it to be without it.

    For newly injured people hope in general I think is a must, even if the docs can see this guy/gal is screwed. You need that false hope to keep you positive. When your ready you can accept the realization of your life.

    For me I didn't actually accept my realization of life until one day at school which was years after my injury. I was sitting in the class room listening to professor explain the importance of differential equations when I looked at my wheelchair in the corner of my eye. Then I looked right at it just sitting there looking back at me. It almost felt like I was in a dream but I knew I wasn't, this was my life.

    I then turned and looked at everyone else sitting there . . . being normal, not in pain, wondering why this kid in a wheelchair is looking at them and was like holly f*ck, I'm the kid in the wheelchair at class!

    But hope in general can be applied to anything that is unattainable. If you honestly think you can't get it without some sort of merical, then thats when you need hope.
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    I forgot to add this to my first post: the notion of hope doesn't necessarily need to be in reference to a cure for spinal cord injury. I am interested in thoughts on that, for sure. But would also like to hear what people think about the idea of hope in general.

    I have been trying for some time to sort out what hope means to me and having a hard time figuring it out.

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    Thanks. All very thoughtful and thought provoking replies so far.

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    Nice topic. My uncle just had a stroke and is pulling through..holding my hand with his tight grip, trying to talk...The hope he has is to be able to talk again.. to communicate.. to touch.. to walk.. to move forward. It is what causes him to push himself out of deep sleep. After I was injured, I was so afraid I would die. The thought of doing something to die was so far from my mind.. it was all about what I could do to make myself stronger. I worked in neurology/psych and other related depts, and saw so much pain and suffering, but also saw hope... the human spirit..Saw humor.. saw people hugging and sharing those with terminal illness... those who could not talk for themselves, listening, asking, sharing. It is really not about the hope for the cure. This is not part of my thinking process on a daily basis. It is far more mundane for me. It is more of a daily positive outlook, a drive to move forward and believe tomorrow will be and can be even better than today and if not better, something positive out of it.. Hope for others to be cured, or for someone with a c2 fracture to wake up from a coma, or hope that someday one we care about will be able to stretch his contorted contracted arms again is a very powerful force.. hope. Great topic.. and yes, I believe we can live it.

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    I can relate to Mr Coffee, didnt not hope for things, it is what it is and im still the same way. Hope is probably the driving force behind us all whether we know it or not.
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