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Thread: roho high profile

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    roho high profile

    i was going to get a new cushion my jay 2 started leaking.does anybody have any suggestions i was thinking of a roho high profile.

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    the postural stability change a lot...

    i am a t5 complete and i got both...since i tried the jay2, never returned back on my roho...

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    Yes I agree. I only sit on my Roho in emergencies. The stability in a high-profile roho is bad and you will almost certainly notice a big difference coming from Jay 2. They do however have other types of roho's that are part moulded and part air cushion therefore providing more stability. I recommend trialling cushions before you make a choice, it's something you don't want to mess up.

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    I hated my high profile ROHO. Too "tippy" for me. I alway felt like I was at risk of falling, even with the most subtle of moves. I have a Jay Deep Contour cushion and love it.

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    You can get a high profile Quattro like I have. It locks the air and four separate chambers and you're not his tippy as you are with just the standard high-profile. I found it's actually just a stable as a low-profile. Good luck with whatever choice you go with. I just recently got a pressure mapping and highly recommend it, especially if you don't know what's going to work best for you. I wanted to get away from an air filled cushion but unfortunately the Roho is the only cushion that worked well for me.
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    i got the quadtro one, but i feel a big difference between my jay 2 and it...

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    I got a quadtro a while back...I liked the weight compared to the Jay2, but my back was really sore by the end of the day when using it. Probably the instability - I can't imagine how bad a standard high profile would be, given the trouble I had with the supposedly more stable quadtro. Anyways, I was back on my Jay after about a week. The Roho is under my couch for emergency use only.

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    what about the contour select? it looks like it would be pretty stable. thanks for the help.

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    Jared84 - you mention
    ... pretty stable ...
    If stability is a high priority, you may want to investigate the
    Vicair Adjuster and Vicair Vector type of cushions. This type of cushion has many little tetrahedron-shaped air cells that press together to increase stability.

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    I also did not like my Roho...until I let out more air from it, and now feel sort of cradled by it...

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