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Thread: Urological suppliers -- Get the supplies you need, not the ones you don't

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    Urological suppliers -- Get the supplies you need, not the ones you don't

    Addiesue posted a thread here yesterday [later moved to the Equipment & Services forum] generously offering to give away a supply of catheter insertion kits that she received but has no use for. My previous urologicals suppliers (A-Med and CCS Med) also used to send me cath insertion kits along with my order in order to get insurance reimbursement.

    While the staff at A-Med was always very pleasant, CCS Med was constantly screwing up my orders and their customer service was atrocious. Both, however, sent me these bulky cath kits that I labored to give away and often wound up simply throwing out.

    Steve Winter, a CC member who was the person who spearheaded the successful effort to get Congress to expand the Medicare allowance of catheters from a precious few per month to 200, suggested that I switch suppliers to UTI Medical, and I'm glad I did. They send me only the supplies that I need (including gloves and lubricant, which my previous suppliers would not).

    I've spread the good word about UTI Medical before and a bunch of CC members have made the switch over and they all seem to be very happy. If you suspect that you're not getting the best service possible from your supplier, I suggest giving Phil Dye, the owner, the opportunity to treat you like you're his favorite customer.

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    ill 2nd that. i went from uromed who started wanting copays and deductibles while double and triple billing my ins.

    uti med is fantastic rep
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    does he have a web site?
    thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by jim sampson View Post
    does he have a web site?
    thank you
    Not yet, but he's promised it's coming. You can email them at but Phil's old school and doesn't live on his computer.

    Actually, it's something of a treat to call him and engage in conversation -- Phil gives great phone! And when you do get around to calling, budget yourself at least 20 minutes. I promise you'll come away far more persuaded that your concerns are really being heard (and, hopefully, met) than by simply by checking out a website, though it's become a necessity to have one and he knows this.

    Tell him you heard about him from CareCure.

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    How long has this place been operating?
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    A few years, I think. Phil, the owner, was in the field for many years before starting UTI Medical. Among others, he worked for A-Med for a long time.

    Call him and you'll get the same history lesson .
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