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Thread: Hope lost?

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    That is good news the he is finally there Harberrat. Tough on all of you I'm sure. I don't have a SCI, but am paralyzed and on the vent, and if by chance he has to be on the vent for a while, it will be ok. Thank you Bill and Trainman for chiming in. You have both been invaluable to me. ( I almost said the dreaded "I" word...inspirational)
    Take care of yourself ,Bro. I can't lie and say any of this is going to be easy, but knowing you have his back will sure help your brother. Keep in touch, ok?

    All the best, Mark
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    We are so happy he was able to get to the rehab hospital! Dave asked me to check a couple times to see if there was a post.

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    Yea! He is at Kessler! Great Haberrat! I just had a chance to read this now. Whenever you get a chance to check in with us, we will be here :-)

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    Harberrat glad that your brother has made it to Kessler to start his rehab. Hope he's able to wean from the ventilator soon if not like others have said there are always other options. I wish him the best while he's there. Encourage him to give it his all while there because the better he does while he's in rehab it will set the tone for what his life will be like in the future living with an SCI. He should try to get as strong as he possibly can so it will make his transfers easier on himself as well as his caregivers. Again I wish him the best. Remember to also take care of yourself as well because you have a family & they also need you to besides your brother.
    Please keep us posted when you can on how your brother is doing & how things are progressing.

    BOB S.
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    How does he like Kessler?

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    Hey guys,
    Sorry, it's been a few days since my last post. I managed to get myself sick and back on nightshift (6am-6pm) so I have not been able to get to Kessler to see him. My sisters have been there to see him everyday thankfully but I have really not heard much. I am guessing his head is spinning and still trying to adjust to Kessler. Trying to get better and finish up nightshift so I can go up to visit without getting him or anyone else sick, I imagine that could be catastrophic for many, including my brother.

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    Back in the day I was on a vent with major internal injuries

    I got off the vent and a lot or return after some years. It's very early. Don't give up hope. The MD's told my momma 3 different times that I wouldn't live through the night (cardiac arrest, peronitas, etc). That was 32 years ago. Hang in there! Every case is different. Stats didn't apply to me.

    Quote Originally Posted by harberrat View Post
    My younger brother was recently in a car accident and is paralyzed from the neck down. His injury is from C3 to C7 and his spinal cord showed no fluid on either side at the injured area. He had no feeling below the neck when he first arrived at the hospital and eventually was placed on a respirator. It has been almost two weeks since the accident but within the last day he has managed to recover some breathing function but is still on a respirator, and still unable to move anything other than his head, neck and shoulders. We have been hoping that once decompression surgery was done that he would have a chance for recovery but were heartbroken to hear that this was highly unlikely and also that he could be facing life and death situations such as blood clots, infections etc... The surgery we are told is only preventative and not for recovery of his injury. As many times as the doctors keep telling me there is no hope for recovery, I cannot help but hold on to my thoughts that he will recover. In the last year and a half my family has suffered the loss of both my Mom and Dad and now feel as if we are facing the same with my brother. Has anyone had a similar injury and had some recovery or is all hope lost.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by FreeBird View Post
    I got off the vent and a lot or return after some years. It's very early. Don't give up hope. The MD's told my momma 3 different times that I wouldn't live through the night (cardiac arrest, peronitas, etc). That was 32 years ago. Hang in there! Every case is different. Stats didn't apply to me.

    Sounds to me like you are a tough bird too!

    I sure am thinking of you and your brother Harberrat. I understand the frustration of seeing a brother suffering. Keep yourself strong.

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    Harberrat, Gosh, sorry you got sick. With all the running around, snow storms, stress I am sure the viruses were just waiting to catch you. Please do take time for yourself. I agree, better to not take any chances of passing along anything to your brother during his most vulnerable time there. It is great your sisters have been able to be with him. It is an adjustment. Freebird, what a story. You also have to be tough and Andes, I am sure you understand more than most what it is like to watch your brother go through all of this suffering and heart-ache.

    Harberrat, please tell your brother there are a bunch of people here at Care Cure who really care for him and sending a bunch of well wishes and positive energy...Maybe if your sisters can get online, we can also speak to them? Thinking of you all, my friends :-)

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    When I was injured, my brother advocated for me and got me into Jefferson (with a great surgeon to stablize my spine) and Magee Rehab (where they are pro at helping people with SCI).
    But, he was super stressed by it all. The reality of our vulnerability to injury and death hit him hard.
    Know that he is in good hands at the Rehab hospital. They will take care of him. He'll go through the adjustment process. It will call on his inner reserves. He'll probably have many ups and downs.
    I hope you can relax a bit. I know it sounds crazy, but good things can come of this.
    I'm paralyzed at T7 and haven't had any "return" (of feeling or function).
    I live on my own and do pretty well.
    It sounds like your bro will need some assistance. All that may take some time to figure out, while he is going through his rehab.
    Take care

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