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Thread: Hope lost?

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    Never give up hope. Let's hope that we, the SCIs can gee up the researchers!!


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    Hey Everyone!!
    Been a while since I have posted and I wanted to give an update on my brothers condition. It has been almost a year and a half since his injury(C3 Complete) and he has been able to move both his feet and his hands whenever he wants and when lying down he is able to place his hands on his chest! It seems his improvements are small but mighty!! He continues to have a great attitude and is usually upbeat when I see him. He has been able to pedal a rehab bicycle by himself, which I find truly amazing!! For all of those that tell you that you can't or won't ever, I think my brothers progress is a testament to the fact that you can and will!! I have been reading alot of the other posts here and I don't know if you all realize how incredibly helpful you all are to all of the new members that join here. Truly amazing to me the unselfishness and understanding you give to thoes that are in serious need of an ear to listen or a tidbit of info. to put someone in the right direction and relieve their stressed minds. You guys are truly great! I have never given up hope and it is largley due to all of you who have posted and encouraged me. Thanks.

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    lovely news.
    a complete could not do such things.
    is he using a ventilator?

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    Awesome news!!

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    No, he is not on a vent. Once he left the hospital he was in rehab for a few more month's and their goal was to get him off of the vent before sending him to Cheshire House. Very scarry times back then and I am glad they are past us. He is very stubborn like my Mom was, which I believe is helping him quite a bit. I knew that stubborness was good for something!! ha! ha! Anyway, keep the faith!

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    Great news. Whoever diagnosed him as complete was thankfully wrong. Best wishes for your brother's continued recovery!

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    my injury is old and still there. am well and pleased with life, its not bad so

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    Dear harberrat

    Very Good news to hear

    Made my day
    Hope is what keeps me going

    Stay strong / tight and never give up
    Things may come slow but there is no limit to possibilities


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