Hello everyone,
Thanks for all of the well wish's. My brother is 43 years old. We live in NJ and he is presently at Robert Wood Johnson Hosp. I have been told that it is one of the very best trauma hospitals in the area. We are in contact with a social worker who has been invaluable. She has been extremely helpful in guiding us in the many areas that need to be addressed. Nurses have been very good at turning him at regular intervals, not sure of the timing though. My family has been sharing the load of paperwork and associated running around that needs to be done. So much to do right now! I imagine when the cavalcade of paperwork dies down we will decide on one person to help/manage on a daily basis. Your encouragement has led me to keep the hope. We have been assured he will be going to the Kessler institute for rehab. Have read and heard many good things there also. Is there any possibility that the spinal cord can be bruised? How can the doctors tell the extent of the damage?