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Thread: parenting discipline question

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    Toddlers are tough! I have a spirited 2 year old also
    I feel for you, I just try to be consistant.(and try not to beat him LOL)
    Reinforcing the time out and doing things like no dessert. But I make him sit at the table with the rest of us eating ice cream and I tell him, you dont get any because you spit on your brother.
    He screams and carries on, but it seems to work
    Good Luck

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    yeah it's hard to be consistant when his mother isn't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bailey5774 View Post
    hi everyone I'm sorry it's taken me a while to respond. I've had to make a trip to my Dr out of town and didn't bring my computer. I've also been very busy.

    I want to thank everyone again for there help. I need to start putting of these things into practice.

    My nephews mother is my sister and they both live at home with me and my parents. There really isn't any way to child-proof the whole house because of my wc. I have my way of how i would like raise a child and she has hers. we don't always agree so it's hard to get him to listen when i want all the time when sometimes she agrees and sometimes she doesn't.

    I will have to work on him touching my chair buttons.

    Liz I'm impressed with you making the kids lay still while changing them!!

    thanks again
    They just do it on their own. They're smart and patient. It's other influences which screw us.
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