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Thread: So tired of disabled parking abusers and not accessible "accessible" parking stalls

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    Quote Originally Posted by addiesue View Post
    I don't think she is saying they don't need them, just that there are so many of them there is no room left for chair users. You know the ones in the blue picture. I often see someone who can walk taking the hc spot when there are regular spots also very close. I don't think they get the point of the hash marks.

    If only they were better marked. Van only, wc, walker, crutches, plain old narrow spots close by with blue signs for the heart patients or hidden dis people, pregnant woman spots and then regular ab spots. (yes I'm being ridiculous but I think you get the point) You'd only need 2 or 3 wc spots. Even when the lot is full I'm usually the only chair user I ever see.
    Sorry Katja ... addiesue said it better than I can. I'm telling you where the spots originated ... obviously if you're in a wheelchair, you should park there ... that's what the symbol on the sign is, the last time I looked.

    I very rarely see someone in an actual wheelchair, other than myself, using these spots - in my city anyway. I don't want to get in an argument over it ... like I said, if none are available, I'm cruising the lot looking for a spot by a curb or light post or cart space, etc to ensure no one parks beside me so I have enough room. I refuse to let it bother me anymore.

    I did some research on this last year and some ideas (I think they came from Australia) were very interesting. Parking lots are usually only required to have 20% of them handicapped accessible ... have government provide monetary rewards (tax breaks?) for those that exceed the minimum. Have one person (or two) per municipality grant wheelchair parking so it's uniform in its requirements instead of just anyone's physician ... could be a doctor or nurse practitioner. Actually, maybe even a by-law enforcement officer? Another suggestion was having the bigger spaces for wheelchairs or other mobility equipment (walker but not a cane). Regular sized spots for those who walk with canes and have permits because of heart problems, MS, etc.

    I was prepared to start writing my MP, premier, etc on this last year ... going to make it a project of mine ... but then I simply gave up. The above are some great ideas if someone wants to take the reins on that. Either way, this only gets worse as North America ages.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lynnifer View Post
    In Ontario it's actually $5000 ... but good luck finding someone to enforce it.
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    This is complicated. I'd like to see mixed HC parking. I'm ambulatory cauda equina with an HC tag. I typically end up in a WC space because I have a problem with ingress/egress from a car and need a wide space on the driver side so I can turn and haul myself out and sit at 90 degrees and swing myself in. WHen I could on good days I'd park anywhere, tag or not, but as I deteriorate if I can't get close as often as not I leave cause I can't get in or out in a normal space.

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    I saw this picture one time in a bathroom. You know the ones that have handrails/grab bars but are really not big enough for a chair to go in. I thought that would be great to put that on some parking spots just past the parking spots with the blue guy in the chair with hash marks. But I think people would just ignore them or anyone with a hurt ankle would park in them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by eks View Post

    The above is an excellent article on the state of handicapped parking in Ontario from 2007. According to numbers then, there were half a million placards in circulation.

    Ticket officers can investigate whether a permit belongs to the person using it. If the permit number is not registered to the driver or a disabled passenger using the vehicle, the officer can charge the abuser with misuse and a justice of the peace can levy a fine of up to $5,000.

    I only remember that number because the guys at work (police) were like, "Yay Jenn." pffft
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    I really like it when there is a row of w/c parking along the side of the building, so that it is not necessary to gross the lot. The local Target has this. It has they typical front h/c spots in the main lot in front of the store, and then an entire row along the side, all with hash marks. These don;t seem to be as abused, as they are farther away from the door, yet wide and safer, as you don;t need to cross traffic. I have no problem in my chair wheeling a little further, I just can;t get out of the car if I can;t open my door wide.

    Often, If I am not alone, I don;t bother w. the h/c spot as my companion can move the car if someone parks too close. But alone I am stuck.

    A multi tiered system would be great, but of course, since we can;t enforce the one we have .....
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    Not to up the ante as far as arguments but I can see more chance of abuse if it's a non medical profesional in charge of making the decision about who gets a placard or not.

    In BC it's a province wide program so the one Dr. wouldn't work either.

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    I saw a man with a cane slowly walking back to his car, parked in the HC zone. He gets in just as I pull up opposite him. Well, he just fixes me with a stare. I was with my step daughter and she hops out. He leaves the door to his car open and is just staring at me. I sorta look away and then l look back....he's still staring at me, and I can just tell he's gonna say soemthing as soon as I walk out the car.

    I love these moments, The one's just before my wheelchair appears. When I know someone is about to say something........

    Seriously, God Bless those folks who speak up to the AB's.......I've often thanked these people "hey, I knew you were gonna say something to thanks, keep giving them grief"

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    I'm pretty fed up with shooing away the abled bodied with a fake or stolen or expired placard. So, I'm going to use another method... I'm going to tape this sign on their cars/trucks/etc



    When I am unable to fine accessiable parking, I usually angle park and take 2 regular spots... of course the smart guy that drives up to park beside me will angle park too...

    I think I'm going to request the city to up our fine from $125 to $300+, or maybe get permission to give out tickets.

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    China Doll, loved the fail photo; and I will be keeping an eye on the android version of that app!!!

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