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Thread: No more free movies

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    ive not been to a movie since my accident but i hardly ever went anyway but at our theater the handicap seating is in the back

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    Quote Originally Posted by rdf View Post
    If I'm down towards the middle, I'll let the usher move it out of the way.
    I stopped doing that the day I got it back with popcorn and soda spilled all over it.

    Now my chair stays with me (like you, I prefer to transfer into a seat).

    Oh, and no free or discounted movies here, either.

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    I'd be scared for the usher to take my chair. What if there was a fire, you think they are going to be thinking about you and your chair?

    I was just reminded about the time in the old theater which is sloped, not stairs but it is like pushing up a steep mountain to get back up from the bottom "accessible" seat. We usually sit at the top and I transfer, the goofy boy sits in my wc. For some reason the one brake that works let go (probably his fidgeting) and he went flying down to the front screaming until he regained his wits and figured out how to stop. He tried to push back up and then gave up and just got out and pushed the chair back up. All these people were saying that poor boy.... Me and my daughter still laugh at that.
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    Thats funny. Our theater here, David has to sit in the back but its all sloped too. Luckily he has tilt on his chair so he doesn't feel like he's going to topple over.

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    Free at Coming Attractions Theatre here, hope it doesn't change. Pushers pay full price. The wife and I hit the movies pretty often, so it helps that we only pay one admission. (and we smuggle our goodies in!)
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    I pay to get in -- but I often go to those movie theatres with multiple screens in the same building. So when my movie is done I just wheel into another one lol. No one has said anything. I haven't done that in a while, though. I feared the moment when they'd get wise to it and tell me to stop doing it. I don't like to get yelled @

    I also have the ONLY IN THE FRONT SEATING problem. I saw AVATAR @ imax 3d, and I was right in the front. I had to turn my head constantly to follow the action.

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    Wow, that sucks! We haven't been to a movie in several weeks, so I didn't know the policy had changed. That has been a big time budget saver - we've become pretty much weekly movie goers. But, I guess we can't really complain too much since we have taken advantage of this freebe for over three years, and Carmike and Regal are the two closest theatres (2 miles from home) so at least we still have the Regal free ticket - for now.

    Thanks for the heads up so we weren't shocked when we went to the movies next.

    p.s. - We saw Avatar 3 times - so maybe there's something to the Avatar theory! LOL

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    I went to the Carmike in Tyler, Tx it is still free...I went yesterday seen The Legion...

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    I just read other post free until feb 26

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    Quote Originally Posted by gurly2356 View Post
    I always feel like all eyes are on me when Im transfering & getting situated. I can only imagine how you feel being carried in, lol.
    I feel like people are thinking my husband is a big stud and how lucky I am to have him at my beck and call.


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