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Thread: Standing Frames?

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    I have a demo Levo standing wheelchair at my house right now. I haven't been standing since a year or so after my injury, but have been looking at the options. I like the portability of the standing wheelchair. A standing frame would be more like a chore to me and a PITA to just stand in one spot. I don't plan on using the Levo as my everyday, but is lightweight enough that I could use it all day if need be. I just like the idea of being able to stand wherever I want. Im always cold so I'm looking forward to it getting nice outside and just standing out in the sun for hours!
    It is really good. Being able to stand and then go right back to what your doing is great. I use mine about 3 days a week and get about an hour of standing in over course of workday which is good pressure relief.

    I sometimes wish I got the manual because it doesn't add to much weight to limit me from using as an everyday chair. But I got a sweet deal on an old demo for the LCEV so I went with the power for now. Stand and drive is a huge plus to the standing chair I have because I can use it for standing while cooking without having to be going up and down whole time or putting stuff in high closets etc. I've sold both the Karman and Levo and reccomend Levo because of the pivot point on Karman seems less accomadating.

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    the glider on the easy stand is definitely worth it

    I had the Easy stand with the glider option. Although my insurance made the decision the option turned it into "exercise equipment" Blue Cross is not responsible for anything they consider "exercise", i went through all my appeals (4) and finally turned it over to the state of California to be my mediator. I had to "prove" the necessity of the glider, it stretches out your hip flexors was one of my main reasons. I won my case after 2 years.
    (The state's decision only took 30 days) You can go online and find multiple plus's for the glider option. Blue Cross expected me go give up, thank God i didn't.

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    Just my opinion but i probably found the best of the best for paras and quads cause you can walk with it while standing. The original company is in Poland where they offer everything but I did find a company in US which carrys just the Dynamic Static which means for paras that can pull themselves into standing position. I recently inquired as to if they carry the Dynamic Active which means basically its more for quads and has a hydraulic motor to stand you up. All other standers like the Evolv i think are huge bulky and just stand you up compared to you can actually walk around and quite compact. And the pricing seems better than say the Evolv for the more you can do. Check out the Polish company and US companys here:

    Lets here some feedback to. I dont think anyones aware of these really.

    I also found something recently that may interest you for the stomach, its like an FES unit but probably wouldnt hurt for us:

    If we could all get these and the $15,000 Restorative Therapies FES bike, I know I could be way better physically and phsycologically. Its what i'm working on. Good luck to you.
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    I have an old EasyStand II and I (try to) use it every other day. I took off most of the front parts except for the knee pad/brace so now I can both stand and bend over and touch my toes. It's great for stretching my hamstrings.

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    I've been standing in one since I was injured 36 years ago. I use the Easystand glider presently. Back in the day they didn't have standing frames but we were usually issued leg braces with a special walker so we could swing thru (GF Stronge, Vancouver). I eventually used the braces to stand and tied a belt around the back of me to a table. I would work out in my workshop and stand.

    I don't know what I would do if I couldn't stand up. I stand at least three times a week for at least an hour. I have hooks screwed in above it so I can attach rubber cords and exercise while standing.

    For me, I think every new SCI should be issued a stander,extra chair and a handcycle when they leave the rehab.

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