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Thread: Broadband by Power Lines Moves Forward

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    Broadband by Power Lines Moves Forward

    I love this! My neighborhood doesn't qualify for DSL so the cable company tries to gouge us. More competition!

    FCC clears the way for more companies to offer the alternative form of Net access.

    Grant Gross, IDG News Service
    Friday, October 15, 2004

    The U.S. Federal Communications Commission this week cleared the way for power companies to roll out broadband over power line service by approving a set of rules designed to limit interference to other radio frequency devices such as amateur radios.

    The FCC's action on broadband over power lines, often called BPL, requires providers of the alternative to cable modem or DSL service to employ devices that can switch frequencies if they cause interference and that can be shut down remotely.

    Commissioners, who praised BPL as a broadband competitor that will bring prices down and spur new services, also will require a national database of BPL installations for public safety agencies, amateur radio operators, and others concerned over potential interference.


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    This technology can bring high speed Internet Access to areas that are un-served by DSL or Cable Internet. I look forward to more competition and lower prices.


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    The idea of bringing data access over Broadband is not a new one. At my firm, we have been working with a number of companies around the states to bring Internet/IP Telephony over power lines.

    Depending on the way your power company has built their systems will determine whether or not they can take advantage of their existing infrastructure, since certain types of transformers used can block the transmission of data signals.

    Needless to say, many power companies are anxious to begin offering this type of service.

    If high latency is not a problem for your applications you may want to investigate some of the satellite internet offerings in the mean time.


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    I read something on this a few weeks ago. I think it's being tested in some places in California, and results haven't been too good. It has a long way to go. We might even be walking before wee see this technology.

    The town I live in has DSL in some areas, but I live in one of the places where DSL isn't available. Cable is my only option, and since it's a small town, we don't have a big name provider, and they charge $55 for 512k!

    I'm guesing they're charging such a high rate because there are lots of areas not covered by DSL yet. DSL here is $32 for 1.5Mbps, and $45 for 3Mbps.

    A friend of mine that lives in a town just 30 miles East gets 6Mpbs cable for $50.

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    Sounds like a good idea, should really take care of length and guage issues as they relate to signal degradation over distance. I am curious though about trying to run a data signal through all those transformers and capacitive elements on the grid, might be a problem. Now the big thing might be getting a staff on the power company side that knows something beyond 3 phase when installing services such as this to a customer

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