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    Does anyone know if Medicare pays for shower benches and toilet chairs?
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    yes i believe they do as long as you have script/letter of necessity from you doc

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    When ,I last checked they would pay for bench but not a shower wheelchair

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    No, as we say, Medicare doesn't go through the bathroom door. No shower chairs, no toilet extensions or EZ frames. They will pay for a bedside commode, but not one you use in the bathroom either over the toilet or in a shower or tub.


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    Someone really needs to change that rule. It's quite stupid.
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    they [medicare] wouldn't pay for my wheelchair/shower chair because of the wheels. they consider them a luxury item. they would however pay for an aide for bathing 3x a week indefinately. go figure. its all bs. we cant afford to be disabled. its too expensive.

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    medicaid/medicare paid for my padded shower bench last year. i couldn't believe it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rollin64 View Post
    medicaid/medicare paid for my padded shower bench last year. i couldn't believe it.
    Medicaid pays for these "luxury' items. Medicare does not.

    I'd try and say you need the shower/commode with wheels for the bedside due to the configuration of the room?
    then you can cross over the threshold to the bathroom..shhhhhhhhhhh

    You can try your local CIL/ILC if they have a loaner/used items thing, Craigslist,
    to see if someone is giving one away?

    Oh! and also try Voc rehab with the phrase, "I NEED to shower/go to the bathroom for my voc goal of working/school etc.

    Also give your Congress/Senator a ring and tell them, "isn't this one of the dumbest things as well as needing a power chair ONLY indoors...."
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