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Thread: Fell out of bed today

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    i used to fall out of bed al the time in my drinking days. i would be very drunk when i went to bed and pass out as soon as i hit the pillow but i don't know what would happen if i just forgot i couldn't walk or what. i wake up to the sound of me hitting the floor.
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    So.. sorry to hear this. Hope you're feeling better now. Take care. Let this not happen again. Wish you good health!

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    Falling sucks. I'm always afraid of it. I can't stand the helpless feeling. You handled it well. Hope you're back up to par real soon Ryan.

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    I am so sorry this happened but the mother in me wants to scream....I completely understand about you needing and wanting to reposition yourself...I do get that...and many kudo's for the willingness to try...BUT...after the last time I would think plans would be in place for an unexpected emergency...cell phone (around the neck)...emergency button to call...voice command for the computer to call for help (?) I dunno, what ever would work for you...but something...the attitude of it ain't gonna happen again is crazy...we bought a remote door bell that we used early in my son's injury...less than 20 bucks...gave my son the button, and I could be out in the yard and take the battery base with me and he could page me...could your folks put one in their house and you could at least "alarm" them you need assistance...just a thought...I just want to take a minute to thank you for all you do to help others...I always read your posts and have learn much from you! May this be the year of all years for you, in a good way!

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    Geeeeezzz Ryan, am glad it wasn't worse - be careful!

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    Oh Ryan,
    I'm sooo sorry this happened and you were unable to get any assistance for so long. I hope everything turns out ok like the ER doc said. You are def in my thoughts and prayers!!

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    oh rye, I actually remember asking you how you would prevent having your button out of reach last time this happened. What can be done so that you can alert someone? this is so dangerous! I am so glad you are ok. can you have the button clipped to you shirt before bed? if they had an alert system that were voice activated, like say it would alert if you say cranberry cow or something three times, that would make you safer.

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    Cranberry cow!? LOL. Where did that come from. That's hilarious. Well today has been horribly frustrating. Spent the day in bed and actually sent my caregiver out to the grocery store to do all my grocery shopping. I'm freaking helpless right now and can barely do anything. My arm walk across my body and my tenodesis in my right hand is almost nonexistent right now but it's getting better than it was last night. My doctor want me to wear a brace on my hand for three days but I've found it completely impossible because it won't let me hold anything. It took me 45 minutes to get my cell phone on my hand this morning to make a phone call and get some assistance somewhat early and of course by that point, they had already left and I had to wait until they got home. This is really frustrating and I really hope I get the movement back in my arm really soon. I forgot what it felt like to be an actual C-5 but this bringing back so many memories. I'll tell you what, having to get fed sucks. I'm going to look into getting new pads for my bed that don't slide. My shoulder is killing me and my forearm is super sore and barely works. I don't know enough function right now to get the forks all the way up to my mouth any accurate sense, let alone the strength or muscles working. Hopefully by tomorrow it will be fine. I know today there was no way I would be a will to move my chair around, even if I got up and just did around the house. I wouldn't be able to lift my hands up to the wheel to push around at all. Thank you everyone for your concerns. One of these months, everything is going to go just right and I won't have any problems.of course in that same month, monkeys might fly out of my butt. LOL
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    Ryan, interesting conversation between flying monkeys and cranberry cows. I am sure you must be so frustrated. Do you have a medic alert button? I know we just got a lifeline one but not sure if they have voice activated.. Hope your arm recovery happens quickly.

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    Just glad your one tough s.o.b. Hey Rybread, just looked out my window and saw an ass-monkey flying by, see, things are getting better. Good call Ry!
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