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Thread: Fell out of bed today

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    Fell out of bed today

    I fell out of my bed today trying to set myself up this to myself back to get rid of some back pain. I'm on a little hospital bed and I used to bed rails to pull myself forward and slide back a little bit. Well I want to do it at 7:30 a.m. this morning and my left arm came out of the bed rail so I fell over forward and to my right in bed. This has happened before, but last time I fell to my left. I think I even talked about it a little bit here. Well, my right arm was jammed in the bed rail so I figured I was pretty safe and I would be all right for the next couple of hours until my caregiver showed up. So I laid there in my head started to slip a little bit, you know, since my face was planted into my bed, but at least I could hear the TV. Well like last time, my head fell off the side of the bed and my head was down by the frame of the bed. I had taken a Xanax about half an hour before all of this happened to try to go back to sleep so I was pretty mellow about it and figured I'd just be stuck like that until my caregiver showed up. Well a next thing you know, with my shoulder sand in my bed rail, my butt and legs toppled off the bed and down I went. So there I am laying on the floor, one leg still on the bed and the other one in line with me which would've been fine except for one little thing, my arm was stuck in the bed rail and now it's pretty much hanging from it. It was holding me on my side basically and I had my left arm under my head. Of course I couldn't get to my fallen and can't get up button for two reasons, 1: he was sitting on the table next to my computer and 2: even if I could get to it, I had my dentures out so I wouldn't have been able to bite into it to hit the button not to mention my good arm was trapped in the bed rail. I get stuck like that for two hours. My right arm is still sleeping after the situation and I lost some function in my wrist. I can't raise my arm straight in front of me which keeps me from pushing my chair or doing just about anything. It's a good thing I have voice recognition or I wouldn't be typing this. I went to the emergency room since I couldn't lift my arm and had them do x-rays and I'm glad to say there were no muscle tears or anything like that. The doctor said basically that unnerve got pinched and they should go away in the next couple of days. Let's hope I get my wrist and arm function back. I'm totally helpless right now. Can't even get the fork to my mouth which reminds me of when I first got hurt. Wish me luck guys, I'm going crazy with these crappy things happening to me all the time
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    Make the best out of today because yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come. Nobody knows that better than those of us that have almost died from spinal cord injury.

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    So sorry that this happened to you. What a terrible experience!!! Best of luck to you!

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    You are like, Macgyver nothing can stop u. Take care and I wish u a speedy recovery.
    coolbreeze c6/7

    Keep on moving don't stop!

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    Dude! that sucks. I am trying to wean myself off using a sliding board to transfer from bed to chair and have fallen doing it twice this week. Falling always reminds me how helpless and useless I am. But we pick ourselves up (figuratively) and keep going. One day at a time man.

    Take care,

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    Sorry to hear about this Ry, hope your arm gets better! You WILL have better days ahead!
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    I'm really sorry that happened to you Ry ..... really sorry {{hug}} damn sci !!

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    Tough one Rye. Wishing you the best. I hope you are doing an NSAID to reduce any inflammation.
    You will find a guide to preserving shoulder function @

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    Wow, Ryan, that sounds pretty scary. Hope your nerve compression thingie gets better very soon. Sounds like having taken the Xanax was a good idea because otherwise it probably would have been less mellow and a whole lot scarier.

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    Ryan, I read this and could feel the pain...I am so sorry. You sure did an exceptional job of explaining your plight. Geesh! I sure hope you feel better soon!

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    Hi Ryan,
    Geesh! Why do things keep happening to you? You don't deserve this. I'm so sorry to hear you fell out of bed again. I hope you get back the function you lost real soon. I didn't know that you have dentures. Like someone else said I hope that your taking NSAIDS in case there is any inflammation from the fall.
    Please keep us posted & let us know how your doing. Thanks for your post letting us know what happened so we can keep check on you.
    Take care & Here's wishing you a speedy recovery from your fall.


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