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Thread: Anybody ever try one of these for leg circulation and movement of the joints?

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    Anybody ever try one of these for leg circulation and movement of the joints?

    I'm thinking about giving this a try when I'm away from my FES bike as its fairly portable and looks easy to use. I know it wont give me a cardio workout or anything, but at least during the months I'm away from my FES bike it will help keep my legs limber. Having two FES bikes just does not seem practical as they are kinda cost prohibitive plus the older ones take up a lot space that I really dont want to sacrafice. I'm thinking too with this motorized bike I could always hook a portable stim device up to my quads and hamstrings and get a little tone back in my legs.
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    I have one exactly like that Curt and have used it maybe 10 times, like most things SCI I have bought. It feels good, brings out spasms and thus some muscle resistance, but I find it very difficult to use. It is impossible to keep the shoe on the pedal and any spasm will displace the unit forcing a few very odd pedal turns until I line the thing up again. I have even gotten help, and the problems persist. It may work if you have no spasms and can control your legs with ease. Hope it helps.
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    I dunno Curt, not much length on the cranks. Means little rotation so would be difficult to get the heart rate up.

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    you can try adding a velcro strap that goes behind your heels to keep your feet on the pedals.
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    I also had one and it was useless. I used it like 3 times. You would be better off buying a spin bike perhaps. The crank length is so small as Patrick said, which to me makes it not worth it because the movement is so small.
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    What about using this thing as a tabletop arm exerciser?
    I have a similar device and have used it this way for some cardio exercise
    when it's too cold to swim.

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    Its not really good for exercise as the motor is turning and moving your legs. Main reason I was thinking of using it is just to keep the joints and muscles moving and leg circulation. I'd think if the legs are binded with velcro straps they'd probablay stay in. I do worry about spasticity though, with the way my legs are it would probabley pick the thing up off the ground.
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    respond to not only the
    challenges you're dealt but
    the challenges you seek...If
    you have no goals, no
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    Curt or anyone, I have an FES bike and use it a good bit but it's such a pain in the ass to get hooked up to. Do you think it's worth riding three days a week or more(currently riding 3). Also thought about switching pads from glutes to abs... Thoughts?? The only positive I notice is I'm more limber after riding and kinda get the feeling I worked out my lower half. I know it's good for bone density, but we sure do have a lot of bones besides the femur which is getting the most muscle pull. I wonder about switching to my calf muscle so I can help whatever bone lies underneath. I know this machine is good for cardiovascular system but still doesn't justify the price! This thing has been out for quite sometime especially in other countries. I wish we had better equipment than this but guess it's better than nothing. The reason I ask you, Curt is bc you've seen the improvement in care and have dealt with this fun stuff for some time now. What is your opinion on some regenerative medicine and how far off do you think we are from getting some sensation and/or function back?
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    I have one as well. Unless you have enough leg moment to peddle yourself, the motor is not strong enough to move the legs. At lease that's what I've found. I had my little bike for 7 years, used it once a while for arms only.
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    Ditto what's been said by most. I have one and have found it to be almost useless. Tough to keep your feet on the pedals and it's so light and relatively unstable on the floor that any leg spasms tend to just knock it over while you're trying to use it. I've tried to use it as an arm exerciser, but it's tough to get your heart rate up that way. It mostly just gathers dust.

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