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Thread: TV alert: ReWalk exoskeleton suit

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    Looks more than just a little awkward to use, but considering that my chair cost over twenty grand maybe an exoskeleton wouldn't be out of range. Till then, I agree, it would be just lovely to get the accumulated cat hair out of my casters!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Foolish Old View Post
    Their legal staff (in consultation with their medical director) has already constructed the refusal letter.

    I'm still hoping that science will produce a caster that doesn't wrap hair around the axle. I know this may take many generations to achieve. But I hear rumors that TiLite may have a design out in five or ten years that allows easy caster removal and reassembly for hair removal. Go ahead, call me a dreamer.
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    What are the pros and cons of using crutches with the ReWalk as opposed to using grandma's walker? I assume a walker afford greater stability, though it's slightly more encumbering, space-wise.

    Discuss. . .

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    What I don't get is how people think a robot suit is going to improve the quality of life of someone.

    Living in a wheelchair is easy (but not enjoyable of course), walking with crutches for example and trying to do daily activity (go food shopping, cook food, carry a dish, walk around town, do laundry, clean the house, pick something up off the ground) is not easy or efficient.

    The whole goal I thought of walking is to improve your quality of life, not just for the sake of hey, I'm up and making the motions of walking so I'm happy. That happiness is short lived unless you are REALLY walking.

    It literally took me (no lie) 6 hours to clean my room on crutches. In a wheelchar I can do it in an hour. I found it more efficient to crawl on the ground than it was trying to clean on crutches. If you drop something on the ground you have to kick it around with your crutches until you find a place where you can sit down to pick it up. Or worse you can try to pick it up and then fall on your face then have to drag yourself to the nearest couch to get back up.

    Now it all depends on your level of recovery. If your body is fine from your waste up and the only issue is your legs then I can see crutches not being so bad but being a quad and having trunk control issues as well makes it a whole different ball game.

    The pro of crutches/walker is that you can stand up to reach things but if you have the ability to stand up then its just as easy to use the counter to stand up. I'm just speaking from experience, I kept the wheelchair out of the house for 3 years thinking it would force my body to improve but finally gave in to using the wheelchair and now I can actually do so many things that I couldn't do before.

    If though they could embed robotic devices in you so its connected to your brain to make the movements (like on irobot) then that would be totally bad ass. I guess you gota start somewhere
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    i emailedthem this am surprise got 1 back at this time just clinicals not approved yet fda

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    Using that contraption would be VERY taxing on your energy. Denial lead to realization when I was in therapy in early 2006 and learned using one of those things isn't necessarily ideal when you have to use your arms to move your entire body from an upright position. It's slow and it's hell.

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    I agree that it's an impractical device for getting around. It does have obvious therapeutic benefits, particularly weight bearing. It may also have applications as an alternative locomotive therapy to using a harness and tread mill if/when stem cell therapies come on line but perhaps the movements are too slow to be sufficient for neuromuscular re-education.

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    Really.....the whole walking thing is great I guess, I mean I am only 1 year post injury so I rememebr walking and running very well, but really screw that...spend the money to give me back bowel and bladder function...!!!!


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    Good Morning America takes notice of emails on stories. If we could all be a bit supportive of the story (if not the product) it could pay off with more exposure. Wise is just across the river from New York and the China Trials would make a good follow up.

    I know Wise is busy, but maybe he has time for GMA.

    I urge everyone to be positive on the story and ask for more. We are just one group in the whole area of neurological disorders. We need to be more vocal. IMHO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stephen212 View Post
    Tomorrow's Good Morning America will feature a segment on the ReWalk exoskeleton suit which enables paraplegics to walk and climb steps. And it can be all yours for the bargain price of about $35,000! which is only about 3,000 bake sales per person, so no complaining!!

    Or maybe someday it will be featured on Oprah! and she can give them away for free: "You're gonna get a ReWalk and you're gonna get a ReWalk and you're gonna get a ReWalk . . ."

    Until then let's keep on dishing about those riveting new Quickie caster swings because that's quality-of-life changing!

    In case you miss the GMA spot -- the video will undoubtedly be posted on their site -- you can see a lot more video of the ReWalk at the distributor's website.

    I may be biased because I have seen very effective overground walking devices in China improve walking in people with ASIA A spinal cord injuries for much less than $35,000. In fact, I think that it can be done with devices that cost less than $1000.


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