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Thread: Correct way to carry wheelchair bound person downstairs?

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    Correct way to carry wheelchair bound person downstairs?

    I can never remember which way I'm suppose to face and they folks are getting ready to carry me downstairs...

    I thought it was in one of the PVA publications--looking now...
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    If you're in your chair you would normally be facing down the stairs - good luck, I hate it and close my eyes!

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    I hate it too. Elevator is out again...

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    I hate remembering that i can't get down a f* stairway but besieds that i pass my arms around their necks and start cheering and yelling them like in a Dragon boat
    It either works or works with some laughs.

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    I go up & down the same way..facing down.
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    Like others have said, go forward down. Make sure they tip your chair backwards so your front wheels are up, and they "bump" you down. You shouldn't be literally facing down the stairs since you are tipped back, and shouldn't feel like you're falling out either. Have someone spot you in front if you are worried.

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    From the Easter Seals emergency evacuation website:

    To assist in moving a wheelchair downstairs
    When descending stairs, stand behind the chair grasping the pushing grips. Tilt the chair backwards until a balance is achieved. Descend frontward. Stand one step above the chair, keeping center of gravity low and letting the back wheels gradually lower to the next step. Be careful to keep the chair tilted back. If possible, have another person assist by holding the frame of the wheelchair and pushing in from the front. Do not lift the chair as this places more weight on the individual behind.

    Harder and potentially more dangerous to do if you have a chair without push handles. Of course you cannot do this with a power chair or scooter.


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    Quote Originally Posted by gurly2356 View Post
    I go up & down the same way..facing down.
    X2 on that!
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    I have been taught to be backwards down, big wheels first, they always do that here, even in rehab when it is necessary. We learn to do it that way if we are alone too and on esculators.
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    They normally just give me a big shove. Are they trying to tell me something?
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