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    Hi all i am supose to have one of these and worry about my AD kicking in, has anyone had one of these and how did it go?

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    Just had one done a couple weeks ago. I don't get ad, had them put me under also. The gallon of go-lYtley to clean u out is the hard part. Started it about 7pm nite b4, really bad runs from about 10pm until 8 am or so then only a few messes up til time to go under at 5pm. If I had it to do over, I'd eat a completely different diet for a week ahead of time, lol. Felt a bit squirrelly the next day when real active. A few accidents for the next 3 days.

    Other than the crap part, all of it is easy, no sweat. We need a buttplug with a straw running thru it on those runny daZe
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    I have had 3 colonoscopies. Totally agree - for best results, my doc ok'd a liquid diet, vitamins and protein drinks for 4 days prior. The Go-lightly is a bear. My last procedure was ok because I avoided the drink. He gave me pills to take with tons of water, about every fifteen minutes. Just as effective without the gagging. I don't remember the name of the medication.
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    With a well planned prep and education, you should do fine. YOu are right to be concerned about possible AD and check out this post re what can be done to make a smooth prep.
    If you search this site, you will find alot of information on colonoscopy and lets see what others have to say.


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