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    pain at back of eye(s) - is it excruciating? does it get worse if you move your eye(s)?
    speech problems and cog fog (foggy brain) - I can relate to this.

    I hope things improve for you.

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    I just had a second surgery to repair my T7-8 disc. The last surgery was a microsurgery which only removed a piece of the disc, but did not fix the spinal cord compression. They also put screws and rods on the back of the vertebras to lift up some on the disc. This second surgery removed the old hardware also. There will be a long recovery time from this. I am looking forward to getting on the recovery side of this one.

    I also have memory issues, brain fogging. I found it gets better if I rest all day. I also have digestion issues. The issues are numberous, I have had them now for almost 2 years.

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