Hello to all,

joined this group for support - advice - to find people who understand/can relate to me. Sorry this post is so long just needed to put it out there - this stuff can drive a person insane.

started going to Dr in Aug 08 for left leg feeling weak tingling pain, bowel issues and pain under left ribcage. Went thru testing colonoscopy - upper GI all normal finally sent for mri in Jan 09

cervical mri 1-13-09

there is signigicant central stenosis related prominent disc bulges and disc-osteophyte complex formation C5-C6 and C6-C7. Cord is compressed at both levels, more severely at C5-C6. At c5-C6 anterior to posterior cord dimension is reduced to less than 0.4 cm. There is appreciable left sided foraminal encroachment at c5-c6 and c6-c7, right sided mild foraminal stenosis at both levels as well.

other levels unremarkable and free of significant central or foraminal

Impression: Severe cervical spine degenerative change prominent disc osteophyte complex formation c5-c6 and c6-c7 resulting in central
stenosis, cord compression and foraminal encroachment.

************************************************** *******************

lumbar mri (jan 13, 09)

l2-3 - unremarkable

L3-4 mild disc
dessication and loss of height. mild broad based disc bulging and early facet hypertrophy. minimal inferir foraminal encroachment slightly grater on left.

L4-5 - mild disc
dessication posterior inferior disc fissuring right of midline. mild facet hyphertrophic changes. mild bilateral foraminal encroachment

L5-s1 disc dessication with posterior fissuring and mild broad based disc bulging. mild facet hyphertrophic changes. minimal foraminal encroachment.

impression: no significant
spinal stenosis - early lumbosacral spine degenerative changes as detailed by level.

I had a ACDF c5-7 with titanium cages - plate and screws due to spinal cord being compressed severely june 09. The first 2 weeks after surgery I felt fine then all the presurgery symptoms along with some others started up. it seems like every week or so after surgery something new would appear.

As of today I have

Hard times with recalling - pronouncing words
say stuff that makes no sense to the topic at hand - basically sometimes I don't understand what I'm saying
pain at the base of the neck-
tingling in my arms - legs from the knees down into feet
intense burning sensation arms - lower legs tingling and pain along the thoracic spine, pain behind right shoulder blade.
sore ankles - feet (hurts to walk,
sensations of being bitten by something (either 1 something or many somethings all at 1 time) or falling on a porcupine,
full body intense itchyness eespecially after a hot shower.
Pain behind my eyes.
feeling of tightness of the skin (like I have a hat or headband on my head, or stockings on my legs) on my legs below the knee, arms, head, hands, face but not all at the same time.
lower back pain mainly in the morning after sleeping in the bed

Activity - excerise increases pain tingling burning

Bowel issues to where the second I feel like I need to go it means I need to find a bathroom like now because once it starts coming out I can not control it to stop it. Sorry for TMI.. which results in accidents.

My neurosurgeon says that everything looks fine surgery wise not sure why the symptoms -

sent me to neurologist for emg test (normal) and then to see if I should have a LP to be checked for MS - he feels it isn't MS but that my spinal cord is damaged from being compressed so severely and what I am feeling is permanent. (myelopathy)

2nd neurosurgeon (different medical group)- says surgery looks fine and believes it is also the spinal cord itself.

Post surgery MRi Reports
cervical mri:

c2-3 = mild disc bulging - mild
spinal canal narrowing - no foraminal narrowing

c3-4 bony ventral ridging and disc bulging with mild to moderate spinal canal narrowing - mild narrowing of the right neural

c4-5 disc bulging and bony ventral ridging with mild to moderate
spinal canal narrowing

c5-7 - metallic artifact limits evaluation mild to moderate
spinal canal norrowing.

postoperative changes consistent with prior metallic
spinal fusion - limits evaluation.
spinal canal appears congenitally small

Thoracic mri:

There are
ventral osteophytes throughout the thoracic spine.

broad based disc herniation at t6-7 with mild
spinal canal narrowing.

mild multilevel degenerative disc dsease

spinal canal narrowing t9-10 / t10-11.


I've tried lyrica - chambalta - gabapentin - amitriptyline - trazadone all had nasty side effects.

once again sorry so long and if i'm in the wrong forum.