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Thread: LOST Final Season! ;)

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    I think I fell asleep in the last 30 minutes. I have re-watch it because all of a sudden it was just over and it didn't make any sense. I'm not going to ruin it for anyone but if I didn't fall asleep, it left me just as confused as half of this season did, maybe more so. I'm just waiting for the announcement "Surprise, here's the real ending!
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    Quote Originally Posted by PaidMyDues View Post
    Anyone see the final episode? Great ending to a great show (too bad I missed the first 5 seasons). I thought the ending had it, death, good, evil, metaphysical and existential dimensions.
    I thought it was nothing short of amazing. I cried and cried when it was over- a tv show has never done that to me before.

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    I loved it too. I was already sniffling toward the end, but when Vincent (the dog) came to Jack so he wouldn't die alone I totally lost it. Beautiful way to bookend the opening and closing shots of the series. And my little shippy heart was glad to see all the couples reunited.

    I'm going to miss these screwed up characters.

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    Finally had a chance to watch the last few episodes. Fantastic! I loved the ending.

    So now that LOST is over, what are you guys going to be watching? I'm trying Burn Notice, so far it's pretty good.

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    Burn Notice is great.

    Other shows I'm watching: Justified, True Blood, Mad Men, and Dexter whenever it's back.

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    Who else would have loved to see a few episodes with Hugo as island guardian and Linus as second in command?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lazlo View Post
    Who else would have loved to see a few episodes with Hugo as island guardian and Linus as second in command?
    Michael Emerson said during an interview that for people who buy the whole season on DVD or Blueray, that there will be a 12-14 minute epoligue showing just that

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