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Thread: Dingo rebounds!

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    Some good meds, a lot of love, and a few prayers and good thoughts?? Could'nt hurt! Very good news Betheny, now I will continue to ask for a speedy recovery.

    I hope he's running around trying to figure out how to get to his neighbors toys very soon!

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    Good news for Dingo and you!

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    Cool beans! So happy to hear that!

    Yes prayers work. God is a good God!

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    When Pearl read this, she ran a victory lap in Dingo's honor.

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    Good news, give Dingo a hug

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    So glad to hear this. I didn't respond to your other thread because, to be honest, I can't deal very well with the concept of losing a beloved pet. I wanted to write to you, but knew I would end up with tears cascading down my face and feeling awful. So, it is much easier for me to send a bit "YAY!!" about Dingo's improved status.

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    Nice one!

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    Always good to hear good news. glad your pal is better.

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    So nice to hear some good news. Pets are irreplaceable.

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