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Thread: Ground Hog Day

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    You can pressure cook the old ones, but the young ones are better. All the groundhogs I have eaten had a diet of fresh organic garden vegetables. Not everybody will consider the taste of a properly cooked groundhog to be a delicacy, but few with an unprejudiced palette will think of it as "yuk". There is a statue in WV honoring the groundhog for keeping the hillbilly alive during hard times. [QUOTE=jerryblt06;1162179]
    Quote Originally Posted by Foolish Old View Post
    I suspect that if you came to the table with an open mind, the ground hog you tasted was either old or improperly prepared.[/QUOT

    Soak alnight in salt water. Preboil. roll in flour, and fry in bacon grease. Thats how its done hillbilly style. yum yum.

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    I always made it like beef stew. It was great nice sweet taste to it.
    oh well

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    I think the lil bugger was more like a pork pot roast in my crock pot lmao

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