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Thread: The Grammys

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    Quote Originally Posted by Le Type Fran├žais View Post
    Stevie seemed distracted by Taylor.
    She wanted Taylor to just STFU. One of the most iconic voices was being horribly drowned out by a drunkin' karaoke night voice. I left the room, I couldn't even watch that disaster of a duet attept.

    I only caught parts of the awards but I watched Gaga perform in hopes that her hermie parts would fall out. It would've been awesome! haha, just joshin' Todd.

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    I missed the show and Now everyone just made me burn my Taylor Swift albums Cd's gosh I was her biggest fan Not !

    Pink is a excellent artist you never know what to expect from her

    I do like Lady Ga Ga she is definitely a creative person lately i've been listening to quite a few of her great hits and I like her grooves .

    Mua ma mam ma my typin stinks typin steeenks

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    Crip hip. Prince is back...apparently blind

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