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Thread: The Grammys

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    I winced a few times when Taylor sang with Stevie ..... she was flatter than a pancake thru most of the song but my guess is she was nervous .... maybe???? .... sharing the stage with royalty would be pretty intimidating and she is only 19 after all !!

    Love Gaga alot and the pairing with Elton was perfect .... I just wish everyone would cover up just a tad more ... Pink was amazing but her pubes were sparkling ... holy toledo .... guess I'm showing my age !!

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    Nahh. Nervous or not, Taylor can't sing, and she doesn't even have the charisma and showmanship on stage to give a half decent performance to make up for having little singing the Grammys or anywhere! (I didn't see the Grammys but have seen enough of her elsewhere)

    Seriously, I have no idea what people are buying into (aside from the cuteness and sweetness factor), but taylormania has worn thin!

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    I watched most of the Grammys, I love Beyonce and Lady Gaga. I missed Pinks performance but heard she showed her butthole when she was was twirling around. I'm not a fan of LiL Wayne (don't know one song) but I loved his perfomance with Eminimen and Drake.

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    Quote Originally Posted by betheny View Post
    I was being nice, not mentioning Taylor. Stevie Nicks singing backup on Rhiannon = another travesty! Not a huge Beyonce fan, no hatred, just don't think she holds a candle to Gaga. Gaga, spectacle aside, girlfriend's got pipes. Reminds me of Cyndi Lauper in the olden days. I'm kind of burned out on Pokerface at this point. (Except Johnny Weir skating to it, could watch that all day.)
    Whew! I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought Taylor paled in comparison to Stevie in that duet. Taylor does what she well and she's obviously a gifted songwriter, but she doesn't hold a candle to the great Stevie Nicks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by teena View Post got a diehard Taylor Swift fan here...I'm so proud of her....she accomplished so much this be that young with that much pure talent...awesome!

    I don't mean to offend her fans, but her style is just bland to me. She's a cute girl and gifted in what she does, but she doesn't strike me as star quality. She reminds me of many of those winners of American Idol, yet to her credit she did write all of her own songs. She'll be successful in music because she can even write for other people and there's a lot of money to be made in simply writing the songs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wtf View Post
    I watched most of the Grammys, I love Beyonce and Lady Gaga. I missed Pinks performance but heard she showed her butthole when she was was twirling around. I'm not a fan of LiL Wayne (don't know one song) but I loved his perfomance with Eminimen and Drake.
    Pink's performance was simply stunning and beautiful. I don't even listen to her music and that's my take on her performance. However, she may have wanted to cover up a bit more if she wanted her performance to be more talked about than her private parts.

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    I'm sorry, but Stevie was off key.
    An administrator made me remove my signature.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkPals View Post
    I missed that part, Van. Sounds like it's a good thing, huh?
    That drove me from the channel. Pink's performance was the highlight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by feisty View Post
    I'm sorry, but Stevie was off key.
    Stevie seemed distracted by Taylor.

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    Having friends who are gospel singers and sing in huge venues in front of 25,000 people, I can attest to the fact that lots of factors play into whether one can hear themself singing or not. Things like acoustics, background noise, audience noise, speaker malfunctions, etc. play into whether a person singing can hear themself or not. I have sung solos in church before and can also say that if you are having trouble hearing yourself then your pitch will be in places that it should never

    So...I'm thinking that MAY be what happened in the Taylor/Stevie segment...both are good singers, no doubt...but the mix was a bit shaky. Which indeed could have been the mixers fault too... But to not sing together regularly, it still was a treat to see both of them singing together. offense I said, different strokes for different folks...I know Lady GaGa is one of your favorites... Taylor is one of mine... And there is room for everyone!

    Take care!


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