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Thread: What do others use to help them sleep??

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    What do others use to help them sleep??

    I need to know some options for sleep meds! I am not sleeping and clearly need a new med to help with this problem. I was wondering some of the options out there and if they work. I am planning on taking these options to my doc appt tomorrow..
    Thanks for any input!

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    Marijuana.... a strong indica strain.

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    I take 30 mg of Temazepam and it really helps when added to the other medications. It especially started working fairly well when I started taking my Extended Release pill at night instead of in the morning. Good luck. It sounds like you might be having a little less pain.

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    Yes there has been a slight decrease in pain. A 1-2 point drop. Still registering 8-9 but better then 10+.

    Thanks for the option!

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    I use Ambien. Was taking 12.5 mg of the extended release formula, but my Rx drug plan won't cover it any more so I just switched last night to 10 mg of the regular stuff. Didn't notice a difference, really -- both are pretty consistently effective in helping me sleep better than I can naturally. No real side effects other than the obvious -- if I take it too late at night, I'm groggy the next morning.

    I've also tried Lunesta. While it worked well for me, it left me with a horrid taste in my mouth that lasted most of the next day. Had to suck on hard candy constantly to try to mask this nasty, nasty taste. (It's the same evil taste I get when take the antibiotic Biaxin.)

    Before heading for your doctor, check the formulary for your prescription insurance plan and get a list of what sleep meds are covered. Your pharmacists can locate this info for you pretty quickly. It would be a drag for you to get home only to discover the med you were prescribed isn't covered and is expensive. Half a month of Ambien CR (enough to cover me until I saw my doctor) cost me almost $275!

    BTW, been taking Ambien for years. No dependency or tolerance issues from it whatsoever.

    Hope you find something that works for you -- getting enough sleep is so critical in helping to manage your pain.
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    thanks HC. Ive tried taking ambien recently and it made me psychotic so sleep definately does not happen for me with that drug. I was very aggrivated since i had heard it was pretty effective .

    Thanks for the input!

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    While frowned upon, Benzodiazepines work wonders, especially if used with a sleeping aid like Lunesta. Using Benzos isn't for everyone. Many develop strong addictions that have them chasing highs on them. I've never had that problem because if you're chasing highs on Xanax, for me, you're sleeping during that high. I've been on the same regime with Xanax for over three years now. But if you can avoid using them, do so. I also suffer from Panic Disorder, so maybe using Lunesta alone will help you greatly, and it has less addictive effects on the body than Ambien.

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    serquel...dr. said it was a baby dose...25 mgs...side effect of the drug is sleep, it worked after all others failed...I understand the trick is after taking any sleep aid is to settle into bed and concentrate on sleep...lights out, tv off, no computer, etc...there is a window of 20 minutes or so...least that was what we were has worked and sometimes not worked...sigh...but usually does work 9 out of 10 nights...

    Hope you find something that will help you...

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    Sonata. It helps but pain will wake me up with it. you can take it evry 4 hours. I take one and then again in the middle of the night. Usually get a couple hours each shot. no hangover or other effects.

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    I had been on serequil before and it did work! It worked to well though I slept on average 18-20 hrs a day. I was on 25mg at that time.

    I will def bring it up!
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