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Thread: Heel burn

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    Heel burn

    I am C-7 incomplete and wondering if any one else suffers from this. At night my heels burn, I tried those heel guards but it doesn't help. I thought it was from the mattress, (have a hospital mattress) but now even if I am sitting with my feet elevated it still burns. I sleep on my back and during the night it wakes me up because it is so uncomfortable.

    Does anyone suffer with this also and if so how do you handle it?


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    Chrl - is it possible that the heel burning is neuropathic pain and unrelated to position. If so there are medications that can help ( but not totally eliminate). Especially if it is keeping you from getting sleep. I commiserate with you, my feet are burning most of the time and it is very demoralizing when I shut out the light and they are on fire - tough to fall asleep.....
    You may want to discuss with your physiatrist using medications such as Neurontin, Lyrica, Elavil and see if they alleviate some of the burning.
    Good luck.

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    it sounds ike neuropathic pain to me and you porbaby just notice it more at night. Ask your doctor about gabapentin or one of the others.Do you wear hose at night? Those can be harse on the heels.

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    thx guys for your input, I didn't think of it as pain because I think of pain as an ache not something burning. I will talk with my neurologist about it.

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