The 10th of Jan, it got just darn cold here. About 27 degrees around 5 pm. Some how later on in the evening the heater I had in my room had kicked off or something. (unknown to me.) On Jan 12 around 5:30 am I woke up in the hospital,in the ICU. Not knowing where I was, how I got there, or even what for. But I felt so weak and wore out I could barely move.

Come to find out i was brought into the hospital with hyperthermia. They said when I was brought into the ER, my body temp was 65. My heart was barely working. My kidneys almost shut down. I must have almost been gone, the way they were talking. I guess i have a bad heart now. They said I had a severe kidney infection, with stones in each kidney. But no blockage. And 2 large stones in my bladder that they are going to take out as an outpatient. They pumped me full of fluids, and IV antibotics for the next 12 days. and got my kidneys back to 45% left side, 38% right side. And being a diabetic, I my never get full function again.
So I got to go in a few days to get the stones out of my bladder. And see a specialist for whoever knows how long.

And to top that off. They sent me home on th 25th with a huge pressure sore on my bottom. I have never had none as big. And home health nurse is saying if I can' get an air bed, I may have to go to rehab for the wound to heal.

But at least its not as bad as my year started last year. As many of you know.

Good O'le sci. Never know whats next. Just venting.