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Thread: I'm looking for a better legbag! SP catheter keeps clogging!

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    I'm looking for a better legbag! SP catheter keeps clogging!

    I've been having a lot of problems with my suprapubic catheter clogging when I'm up in my chair - almost never when in bed with a bedside bag. I feel like the issue is where the tube meets the legbag. But I'm not sure. Any ideas? I'm currently using a hollister bag.


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    Are you wearing your bag on your calf or on your thigh? You will get better gravity drainage by wearing it on your calf, which requires the use of extension tubing. Some bags come with extension tubing, while for others you must order separately.

    Here is the Hollister all-in-one kit we use where I work. I like it because it is latex free and the extension tubing is not too hard.

    If you are not concerned about latex, then Bard makes a nice one that is similar:

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