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Thread: wheelchairs for haiti (SF Bay area)

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    wheelchairs for haiti (SF Bay area)

    Anyone know whether I can donate a wheelchair specifically to Haiti? I was going to check with the Salvation Army / Good Will.

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    I donate to this organization, and you can earmark your donation specifically for Haiti.


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    Thanks, but it looks like they primarily take, cash, stock, cars. I have an old wheelchair in my house that I want to drop off somewhere local...

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    There are a couple of organizations that do that, but the turn-around is pretty slow, shipping difficult (esp. right now to Haiti) and there is no guarantee that someone who actually needs it would get your chair. You can try these organizations:


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    I met the guy who started Whirlwind- very very dedicated- cool person! They design wheelchairs and ship out. VSU, that is so nice of you. Possibly donate to a local a charity?

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