I ride horses(since I was two) and was looking at paraequestion as I have cerebral palsy anyway I had a shoulder accendent when I was 12
horse reared I fell backwards and she landed left hoof on my eye and the eyelid dropped(white out) and her right hoof landed on my right shoulder
I have been riding with a adapted reins since I was 8 don't really no why up till then I was riding with standard reins.I want to be able to use standard reins. I saw this video on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UWaG04rA04I and asked my local hospital if Cit can be done in the local area. The answer was NO!! I was chatting with a mate who used to work at spinal unit and he said if you are as decatied as you sound come up to palmston north and I'll find a couch for you so I fly out on sunday to go do a month of cit. hoping to be able hold standard reins at the end of the month.

Also need to find a riding school who will do safety line cantering lessons