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Thread: My SO is a C4 wanting to move home

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    If you do take him in, it is good that you are not his primary care giver. having the spc and colostomy are a plus, and the hours of care a definite plus. true it is not easy, and also about your son having a say in it. I do not envy the choice you have, but what ever you do, this forum offers a great support system. He should know about it too. they have a womens only and as you already know a private care givers forum. so you will not have to be inhibited in your posts for the most part.
    Good luck with this. you have a big heart.

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    Others here have offered great advice. I thought I would add a few more thoughts for you, hoping it may be helpful at this critical time.

    You may wish to consider waiting until Medicaid is in place prior to taking him home. The Medicaid Waiver program, once accepted, can provide so much more than the standard Medicaid and far more than Medicare. Good luck to you!
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