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Thread: "Okay, you can get up now..."

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    I love getting yelled at by the MRI tech for not holding still when I have spasms during the MRI. It isn't like it can be helped even with extra meds. I even warn them in advance, but they still get annoyed.

    Or my favorite during a recent hospital visit can you just use the walker?
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    omg I know Skippy,

    Its so damn painful laying on those things, especially getting xrays. During the MRI my leg almost broke the strap because if a spasm is held down the wrong way on me it will make it 10x worse. I was actually impressed by the power of it.
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    Hi Everyone Trainman RB Med100 Smirking1 Oxsquidy Whelieboy Mark lol
    I totally agree 100% and thanks for the laugh

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    Quote Originally Posted by quad79 View Post
    Don't you just hate that?! It just confirms your health & well being is in great hands.
    I guess I REALLy should be concerned since he is performing this ossification surgery next month on my hip as per yesterday. He actually said, "you'll be up and about in no time (sigh)" when I asked how long I would be incapacitated. I probably need to check with a SCI doc at Shepherd since I'll have a stapled incision on my hip and I do slide on my butt alot.

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    I thought it was just our doctors around here.
    David has ms, it effects his eyesight, legs, arm, etc. Anyway his can not drive and is in a power wheelchair. He had surgery in August because he lost the muscle in his left ankle. His foot had turned in and down really bad, they pinned it to be permantly straight. They were going to release him on Friday afternoon. I worked that day and he called me at 10 a.m. and said hey, they just released me I am downstairs waiting for a ride. Now I run a mail route and couldn't get there till 4 p.m. By the time I got there it was a different shift, but why do they just release someone without knowing they have a ride home???

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    I think in a lot of cases it isn't ignorance it's just that they are on "autopilot" I mean for every gimp they are probably dealing with 5,000 "bipeds" Although I do I admit I got a bit upset with the physiotherapist who asked me when I had my SCI, I've had everyday people on the street identify me as having Spina Bifida so the Physio should have known better.

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    I did my rehab at Shriner's and returned a year later for hand surgery. After going through my file the SCI Nurse starts asking me questions. One was "do you sleepwalk?". I said if I do, I always end up back in bed and don't remember it.........
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    At my hospital they decided to standardize some parts of the discharge instructions and require us to give those parts to every patient. One section has some generic instructions about weight control, and instructs the patient to "walk 20-30 minutes daily". I protested including this in the discharge instructions for the SCI Center, but they wanted all units to be the same. After many e-mails, and lots of frustration, we finally got it removed and instead inserted "follow your PCP's instructions for regular exercise". Of course those Veterans on other wards with MS, bilateral amputations, ALS, etc., etc. all still get the standard discharge instructions telling them to walk 20-30 minutes daily!

    A friend of mine who has a C6 ASIA A injury always tells those Xray techs, etc. who tell him to "jump up on the table" that he must have had a poor rehab because they did not teach him the skill of levitation.

    And it is of course not just in health care. If I had a dime for every time a cruise ship excursion staff person told us that my mother would "only have to climb up 2-3 steps" to get into a non-accessible bus for a tour, I would be rich. I always ask them "what part of cannot stand or walk do you not understand!" (as this is already marked on her passenger profile).


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    Quote Originally Posted by 24/7 Quad View Post
    I did my rehab at Shriner's and returned a year later for hand surgery. After going through my file the SCI Nurse starts asking me questions. One was "do you sleepwalk?". I said if I do, I always end up back in bed and don't remember it.........
    Sometimes the questions we are required to ask on assessments for screening make no sense at all. My mother volunteered for the Red Cross blood drives years ago, and they went each year to a Catholic convent where the nuns were donating blood. She had to ask the same questions of each donor, including "have you been pregnant in the last year?". To their credit, the nuns usually found this hilarious, but it was stupid that she could not just skip that question in that circumstance (as was done for male donors).

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    I am laughing so much at the nun pregnant question :-) This is too good KLD. I should try the levitation quip when told to jump up on the table:-) This same neurologist who told me to jump on the table was clueless on more than one level. She sat on her cell phone during the exam, and spoke to some tech or doc about someone needing a MRI. She said, "Oh, can't you just take the pacemaker out..?" What do you mean you cannot do the MRI with it in?".... lol... Funny, but such a sad commentary on our medical system, better made as a great comedy. Oh, regarding the neurologist, I wheeled out of there and reported her to the hospital administration. They also sounded shocked and laughed about the "just take the pacemaker out.." quip.

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