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Thread: Blame it on income tax time

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    HC, I use TaxAct too. I dread this year because Jim has been off since July 29th on Worker's Comp, and we'll owe taxes on any monies received from them. I hope what he paid in the first half of the year will equal it out.

    His knee still has'nt completely healed, he swears he's going back to work soon no matter what the doctor says. He's worried about what we'll owe the tax man and I think he's going nuts staying at home. I asked him how he likes my life!

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    My accountant is post-polio, can walk a little, and is a veteran wheelchair racer. He knows all the tax breaks for crips.
    Last year, I paid him $400 to process my state and federal income taxes and got a $10,000 refund.
    It might be worth it to shop for an accountant rather than trying to please Uncle Sam by yourself.

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