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Thread: the time of the month

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    the time of the month

    Hi has anyone had the experience of having more difficulty walking, more spacicity at their time of the month? Just wondering. Noo doc ever said that this would happen , but it does every month. Any insight info appreciated,

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    I get a lot of increased spasticity. This is typical of me, whenever something is going on below my level of injury ..... ie an ingrown toenail, uti, torn acl ...... so I attribute it to the cramps I always had pre injury, but don'f "feel" now.

    It helps a little if I treat the cramps as if I felt them, w/ ibuprofen. But mostly it is a case of waiting it out.
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    yup - my back loves to spam in places when it's coming on.

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    Yes, many women with SCI report worse spasticity and even AD during their periods. Use of an NSAID such as ibuprofen, even if you do not have uterine sensation (T10) may help calm some of the cramp type sensation that tends to trigger this.


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    I get a definite increase in spasms, particularly in my abdomen. As KLD suggested, NSAID's do help. I guess the spasms is a reasonable trade off for period pain.

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    yes. spasms def are worse during my time of the month! wonderful huh? one more thing on top of it! haha arent we lucky?
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    I have had some A.D lately with. I dont know if it is the cramps, which I still feel causing it, or what.

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    I notice some spasticity but I experience pain in my butt, I mean it kills and I used to never have any problems during my period it started after year 20 post. I don't take anything for it I just get off of my butt and get on my stomach that gives me relief.

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    thanks everyone I have increasing spacicity, harder to walk, and ad kicks in as well. At least no pain though, just wanted to know

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    I have a very rough time when I get my period.. I'm a para from T-4 down.. I get such bad spasticity the day before it starts.. and the day of I can't even get in my chair. One slight move and my legs lock up or shake like thumper. the nerve pain can get so bad at times I'd like to just saw myself into.. I would love to know what would help.. I've taken meds for periods, nerve meds, and arthritis meds also.. My doctor thought that would help but it didn't.. I'm starting to think there's nothing out there..
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