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Thread: Time to ditch the sweat pants

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    No problem with seams and all, jus lucky i guess, but on the other hand the nylon nike pants with stretch waist are really the cats meow when it comes to comfort and ease of putting on and off.

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    I almost exclusively wear jeans or slacks. I like others have them bigger. I used to use a button hook to button them but I just kept at it until I could button them without. I still use the opposite side of it (which has a hook for zipper) to pull up zipper. I get my jeans with about a 2" longer inseam then I'd normally need. I pull the jeans up high enough in the back that I'm no sitting on waist band and because they sit up higher the extra length gives me more space in the crotch.

    I have good enough feeling in my butt to know when I'm getting irritated, and oddly enough I feel more irritated after a day of sitting from sweats. May just be that all my sweats are really baggy.

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