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Thread: Time to ditch the sweat pants

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    Time to ditch the sweat pants

    I am 4 years post injury and have only worn sweat pants for ease of cathing, the occasional mid day b/m, and the fear of pressure sores. I tried to wear a pair of levi's once and found it difficut to cath and I couldn't button them back up, not to mention that I couldn't keep them up around my waist.

    I see many others with sci wearing jeans, what's the trick.

    What about usa jeans, are they worth the $$.
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    Hi there...My husband is only 9 months post. He wears some form of sweats all the time. That is mainly because I make him! I am just a little over protective. I am always worrying about pressure sores. He has on occasion worn dress pants. He finally talked me into letting him wear a pair of Levi's a couple of weeks ago when we went on our date night. We made sure they were extra loose and he done pressure relief more often that night. I guess I will let him wear them again sometimes! It wasn't the end of the world. Keep me posted if you find some that works for you, we might try them. Thanks..

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    I checked out the Usa jeans site, I couldn't tell from the site if the crotch area is velcro so a quad like yourself can fasten them. The jeans/pants seem to be pricey but if they fit right and don't have any hard seams that could cause pressure sores then they're probably worth it.

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    I bought one pair of USA jeans and my son refused to wear them. The butt is very weird (made for sitting). Since he has roommates and uses his standing frame - he said NO WAY! I have been ordering his jeans from American Eagle on-line. I get them larger and longer than his normal size. They seem to work out pretty well. He has not had any pressure sores, he wears a belt, I cut the button hole open a bit more so he can unbutton them at nite, and I put a small key ring through the zipper pull so he can unzip to cath. I also wash and "double Downey" them before he wears them (makes the demin softer). I also just recently found some pretty good jeans at Wal Mart. They are Levis "Signature". Very cheap, a lighter weight denim, and the seams are not as bulky. They probably would not hold up for the average guy, but my son likes them and the "wash" is a little darker. I hope this helps!

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    I also wear jeans but couldn't at first. Its very painful wearing jeans but I couldn't stand not wearing them. I do pressure relieves like literally every 3-5 minutes all day.

    What I did at first was cut holes in the ass of the jeans like around the pockets where it hurt the most and tail bone but now I can seem to wear regular ones with no issues but I have full feeling so if you have limited feeling you need to be careful.
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    I've purchased USA Jeans and think they're good quality. I'd order 1 pair for starters. If there's anything you don't like about them, you can call them up and they will work with you on making it right. If you order, call them. It's easier.

    I also get cargo pants from Old Navy and cut the back pockets and belt loop off. They aren't expensive and come with a 36" inseam.

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    I love USA jeans and wear them now. They will put velco in the croch if you ask but I got a pair and sewed them up. They don't have thick seams. I don't walk or stand up so the butt part don't bother me. They are made for sitting. I have to have mine fat in the stomach and tight in the legs...poor me
    I also go to Old Navy because they carry 34 long.
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    I didn't think I could cath in my chair but I learned first with joggers then with different kinds of stuff like capri's and jeans. I have to lean over real far from side to side with some of my jeans and really get the back down and I prop one leg up on something but first I slide as forward as I can. Sometimes I yell for someone to help me pull my jeans up. lol I pull them up as much as I can then I roll up against a wall and put my feet up against a wall then pick myself up on my wheels and they grab my pants and pull them up while I'm in the air. It might take a few tries. But that's what I do.
    I finally found a store Factory Connection it has coths of all sizes, many for large woman. I found me a par of jeans that was faded and all ragged out and tore up at the knees. I was so excited. I've been looking for years for my size ( around the waist). Love the store. See I was always a size 7 to 9 before sci now I gained weight and have no control over my stomach muscles.
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    I like the heavyweight material of denim (Levis) for a little better protection against scuffing when transferring your legs. I found that buying jeans you can easily manage cathing and dressing if you get them in a larger size than normal. For instance, I take a 36" waist normal size, now I buy them in either 38"-40" waist. Doesn't hurt to increase your inseam size either so your ankles aren't always exposed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mr_coffee View Post
    What I did at first was cut holes in the ass of the jeans like around the pockets where it hurt the most and tail bone but now I can seem to wear regular ones .
    Guessing you weren;t walking yet, huh?

    I buy my jeans bigger than I would before. Like you said, it is hard to do up jeans that fit properly sitting down. (Think about it, did you ever do up your pants sitting before you were hurt?)

    I try for ones w/o back pockets when I can. A lot of people have mentioned restitching the back seam too, it makes it smoother if it is the thick "flat felled" type.
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