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    Hi, I am a new member to CC and happy to find this forum. My 14 yr old son has a T4 SCI due to spinal surgery only 6 weeks ago. Life was normal then but now I am living 200 miles away from home, spending my days at a rehab ctr, job on hold, missing my daughter, drawing plans to renovate my home, wondering if I should sell my car, fighting with ins co, and EATING non stop. I am doing everything in my power to care for my sons health but not my own. I feel tired and weak, I am not strong enough to help him transfer.

    Anyway, Id like to be "Prepared for Anything"

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    Sharon, welcome to CareCure. I moved your post to its own thread as I am afraid it will be lost attached to the one about exercise as a method for dealing with caregiver stress. Please post often and let us know how you are coping, and if there is anything we can help you with during this stressful time.


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    Welcome Sharon. Sorry about your son's SCI injury. Being 200 miles away from home and trying to balance everything sounds like a nightmare, but it will get easier once you have the resources in place. This is a great place to get ideas from the start. I know when I was first injured, I did not know where to turn. How is your son doing now? Did he have surgery? I think all of us who have gone through the renovation to our home, fighting with the insurance company.. and trying to find that food for comfort, gets it. Do you need help with his insurance. Medicaid and Medicaid waivers can sometimes help with providing more homecare services. Keep posting and again, welcome.

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    why would you sell your car? isnt there anyone like a social worker working with you? there may be things available to you that you are unaware of. you need your car. ask anything at all here, As Kld said there are many who can steer you in a direction with answers. Mothers who have been through what you are going through now. very sorry you and your family are suffering this.
    you are being prayed for. and yes, welcome.
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    Welcome Sharon, although I am sorry about your son's SCI. You are going through a rough time right now, but have faith that it will get better over time. Ask lots of questions here, as there is a wealth of knowledge available to you. Worry about your eating later when the stress levels drop some. For now just hang in there.

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    Welcome Sharon!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SharonD View Post
    I am doing everything in my power to care for my sons health but not my own. I feel tired and weak, I am not strong enough to help him transfer.

    Anyway, Id like to be "Prepared for Anything"
    Hi Sharon - I've said before that parents of kids with sci are very special and some of the strongest people on the planet. You can lean on us here but the first bit of wisdom we would share is that you must take care of you too ..... if you don't you'll be of no help to anyone. The first days and months are very difficult and feel like someone has tipped your world upside down I know but eventually you'll get your equilibrium back and establish a new normal .... I promise.
    Ask any question or come here to blow off steam ... use and abuse us at will ..... I'm so sorry you had to find us but awfully glad you did !

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    You will find this to be an awesome resource and great support. We are five months post SCI injury and our daughter has been home from rehab for just over two months. You get the sleep you need, eat, and learn everything you can to care for your son while he is there. It will get better. Then, you will go home and that will be tough for awhile and then that will get better. I had a down day the other day, and I just thought about how far we've come and how (as much as it is hard to imagine) things will fall into place better.

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