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Thread: I'm being filmed by TV

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    I'm being filmed by TV

    This huge tv station where i live picked me up to record a documentary of my accident and how i'm dealing with it and stuff like that.
    I can talk but since i'm new with a SCI (6months post) i wonder if you guys can come up with something that it will help SCI comunity in some way.

    I'm not sure i want to spam with X donation website (i wouldnt know which one to say and i dont want to fire up a war in this thread). I was thinking something more of an idea, thoughs...i dont know information it will benefit us somehow to give people.

    It's going to have huge audience so i didn't want to miss any bright idea that could show up here.

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    that is exciting. great that you had the idea to ask for idea's.

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    Don't play the pity role. That's what they want. Perhaps portray that accidents happen and you want to maximize your potential for when there is a cure which will also benefit many of those with/ will have SCI and their families. And if there's not a cure in your future; you want to maximize what you are fortunate to have left. We don't always have control on what happens to us; but we do have control on how we handle it.

    We all have to go thru the stages of grief when situations arise, that's just part of the process of accepting who we become.

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    Try to inform people that accessibility in everything is a necessity for us. We like to tour the old buildings and go to restaurants and clubs just like anyone else and our money is just as good as anyone elses.

    Anything worth doing, is worth doing to excess

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    What skippy said. TV stories like this portray people with disabilities in one of two ways: we're tragic souls who need pity because of the horrible misfortune that's befallen us, or we're da-da-DAH SuperCrips determined to triumph over tragedy despite incredible odds. Usually the stories start out with the former and end with the happy, upbeat latter.

    I like to see people with SCI/D talk about the fact that what they really want is just to have a chance to do the same things that people without SCI/D get to do: get a good job, enjoy sports and other recreational activities with their friends, go out to dinner or go shopping.

    The key to being able to do all that is accessibility. It starts with putting up ramps and wider doorways, but the real key to our independence is getting the able-bodied folks out there to realize that we're just regular people trying to live as ordinary a life as possible, not objects of pity. It's always fun to see if you can get away with wearing a Piss on Pity t-shirt on air.

    Congrats on this opportunity -- you're going to rock it! Be sure to post a link to the story if it's posted in the station's web site.
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    Are you from the same area as Toto, from his pictures in another thread, Spain looks pretty accessible to me and clean too, so is accessibilty a problem in your country? I would tell the viewing audience that your body may be fucked-up but you're not fucked unless you feel differently then you should say whats really on your mind whatever that may be. Will the americans be able to watch on youtube?

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    Wow, congratulations. I don't have any advice other than what has already been said, but I think it is terrific you are doing this!

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    What an opportunity

    Dear 0xSquidy,

    Be yourself. Some times exposure to a topic can bring about tong term awaresess of a medical need. I don't know if I speak for the entire SCI community here, but a minor exposure in the media could be that MAJOR hurtle we need to motivate the masses for better SCI medicine.

    It is wonderful that you can have an opportunity to bring the media light to the reality of Spinal Cord Injury. I can only think of bringing emphasis towards the need for SCI research. Funding money would be nice but here in the United States of America the political awareness seems to me to be the bigger hurtle with regard to stem cell and other "controversial" directions of research.

    Confident towards the good things from your media exposure,


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    Thank you all. Barcelona it's not bad in terms of accessibility, but bringing that out won't harm anyone.
    I think they picked me because they don't want to make a pity-documentary about some poor guy. I'm a positive person and a fighter, so i don't wanna make it look in a sad way either.

    And yes i'm pretty sure it will be available online for anyone to see. I dont think you'll understand the language but whatever

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    Make sure you tell them that when you see people in wc's don't look at us with pity. We just want you to say HI just like anyone else.
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