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Thread: Accessible Flower Beds

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    It's done! My crafty husband built this flower bed for me. I helped paint it and now it's full of flowers and herbs--such fun for me!

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    That is great! Does your hubby rent out for odd jobs elsewhere?

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    Fantastic! A great idea... I like that it's long and narrow... really doesn't take up alot of space.

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    My box garden

    DMR, nice garden. I have a similar one for growing greens.

    It has a wire mesh screen underneath to keep soil from falling on the deck and to keep air circulating.
    Here are a couple of photos.

    Gary Is = L-1 Para for 34 years.....................

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    Thanks Gary, yours looks great as well!

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    Great job DMR!

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    nice flowerbeds!!

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    Thanks everyone!

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    thanks for posting your photos. I love this topic!
    one question- when you water, do u do it from the side? not with legs under the boxes? as would think your legs would get wet. maybe you use a hose and not watering can?

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