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Thread: Accessible Flower Beds

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    Accessible Flower Beds

    I was wondering if anyone has plans for, seen or uses a flowerbed that you can roll under. I've seen lots of ideas for beds you can get beside of but I'd like to be able to roll under so I'd be able to use both arms and hands. I guess this idea could be something of an issue because of the weight of materials and dirt and you being right underneath it, I don't know???
    Any ideas/thoughts are appreciated! Thanks!

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    Shouldn't be a big deal. The biggest challenge is keeping it high enough to roll under, but low enough to work comfortably from a sitting position.

    The weight isn't really that big an issue. Many flowers can be grown successfully in relatively shallow soil. Of course, the bigger and heavier the container, the stronger a structure you need to keep it in the air.

    The possibilities are only limited by your space, budget and imagination. One cheap and easy way would be to get a stout old dining or kitchen table at a yard sale and place flower pots on top. There are probably commercial products that fill the bill, and you can have anything in the world built.

    Maybe give us an idea of what you would desire.

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    In Vancouver I've seen tabletop gardens. They are not very deep but you can roll right under them. This article is the only example I could find:

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    There are a few books specifically about gardening from a w/c,
    try to find titles and request from your public library.
    The Square Foot Gardening book/site
    features some elevated beds like those you describe and there are plans & info on the web at several sites, for example:

    Good luck, and have fun with your garden.

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    Here is an interesting design:

    found it here

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    I sort of have that by default because I bought metal retangular baskets that came with hooks to attach to my balcony railings. They are lined with the absorpbant organic material that needs to be replaced every couple of years because it rots out, but the metal holders should last as long as me.

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    Thanks a Bunch, some great advice. My husband is planning away! I will post pics when it's done.

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    There's a guy out in Suffolk long island makes these very cool pots for gardening via a chair.

    I'll need to find the ad. It was in Able newspaper if you want to google. i'll look later as i want one or two myself.
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    DMR, having an accessible garden is such a cool idea. My friend and I built a raised and partially accessible raised garden bed with a pond but not all of it is accessible. If you would like more information on it, please PM me.
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