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Thread: windows X,P, won't start help!!!!!!1/25/10

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    Quote Originally Posted by foxyladi14 View Post
    well alrighty now what??that D drive is full can i somehow empty it or take down the partition??
    If you want to you can delete any or all data on D & yes with this you can make 1 partition
    but be very careful you can wipe both drives (C & D) if you do not know want you are doing.
    WITH EASEUS Partition MasterHome Edition - Free!
    #1 You need to right click on D & click on Delete (screenshot 1)
    #2 You need to right click on C & click on Resize/Move (screenshot 2)
    #3 & in (screenshot 3) You need to move the slider(1) to the right or the up arrow (2) untell it takes all the space & (3) is zero then OK you will need to restart after that.
    >BACKUP YOUR DATA FIRST IF YOU CAN< if you need it
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