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Thread: Helpfull Advice needed

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    For me, I usually glance at the first sentence & click if I have the need to post. I read it & thought the thread was about bladder surgeries not body image issues so others may do this as well.

    Mine was shot as soon as I sat up in rehab then placed in front of the mirror. I still laugh at myself & the havoc sci has caused on my body but I feel much better about it now. I'm not sure if I've just come to terms, gotten used to it or realized beauty & sexiness really comes from within.

    It is a hard road to travel when you can't identify with yourself.

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    Hi Gypsy, I am sorry about the SCI, the changes and all. I very much appreciate your posts :-)

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    gypsy lady,
    i like that blue scooter in the background on your about me page.does that scooter interchange with your power chair?

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    Hi Everybody Good Saturday Afternoon wow Time flies
    Thank you all for being down to earth and honest this means alot to me

    I tend to let my soft heart run my life
    One thing is I always put others before me and me 2nd as dumb as this sounds

    Jody I think the Womens idea is fabulous girl
    let's try it ladies

    A dr told me the otherday he couldnt imagine what it is like in my shoes
    I told him you dont need to go there we all are created in Gods image which is glorious .

    This is kind of heavy but to me Life is not about glamour or riches
    but really about humanity and we all will answer for our transgressions eventually

    This is why compassion and empathy is deep rooted in me

    Keep smiling

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    Hello jim sampson no
    That Thing It is a toy of mine I drove it and it was nice until my friend recently broke it and now it needs work . He managed to bust up my front fender and scratch that blue paint all up and broke off the choke lever He drove it without asking me and somehow ranin to something or fell over on this puny thing worse is he never told me about the incident he parked it exactly right in the same place and left without saying a word about it I noticed the following week and called him up
    That is why I told him Al you wont ride my Motorcycle or my trike

    I love Motorcycles BTW
    Sincerely ;

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    For Gypsylady

    From what I've read on CC, all of us have small-medium-large self image issues. Going from a healthy, slim motorcycle rider to an overweight, pot gutted chair roller puts a real negative spin on one's ego.

    I attempt to eat correctly and get as much exercise as this aging battered body will tolerate, but shit happens. However, I am a positive personality type, so I engage in activities that bring me happiness.

    I can't advise you how to live your life. If you read CC posts you'll find that most of us live very worthwhile lives despite the crap that is daily thrown at us.

    That's about all I can say on this subject. Be cool, and most of all be easy on yourself.
    You C.A.N.
    Conquer Adversity Now

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    i cant believe you still call him a friend.i would take the repairs out of his hide.

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    What can I say ? I am a forgiving lady lol , It was only the scooter Moped thing as long as he wasnt hurt thats what matters in the long run .

    It was a gift to me I dont use it so my boyfriend used it .

    Possibly Al never drove such a monster powerful 49.9 cc scooter before huh ?
    I never asked him but i'd imagine he was embaressed .

    Wait until We turbocharge this thing NOT

    Dont Tell anyone but I was supposed to pose topless in a Special Moped Calendar and now it needs bodywork so mission aborted rofl

    So much for this Motorcycle as the id label says I think it is funny

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    We might all have self image problems, but we shouldn't. We are among the most detemined people on earth.

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    swh2007 - You hit the nail on the head with that one!

    I don't have a sci. I came here because I had a stroke a few years ago at 23 and I'm looking for some ideas and answers as well.

    swh2007 I was feeling sad reading the above posts, but yours made my heart swell with pride for you all.

    gypsylady - don't worry about a lack of responses. The others are right, I read this last night and didn't post because I don't have any experience of what you are talking about and thought it would be rude of me to assume you would want my encouragement.

    This morning though, I do have a couple of ideas for you. Try to remember that the truth is always more kind than the stories our thoughts tell us. Your "soft heart" is not soft at all. Your heart is full, peaceful, strong and robust. Everybody (including me) feels and thinks from their head most of the time - and it doesn't always feel good. I have a book for you. It is called 'The Power of Now'. The title sounded kind of lame to me, like it was going to be some condescending, motivational, crap - but it isn't! I promise. It really has changed my life for the better and lead me closer to true happiness than I ever knew about.

    Good luck gypsylady. Maybe you can be in next year's calander when you and your bike are feeling better!

    xoxo to you all.

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