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Thread: Pet Nicknames -- What Do You Call Your Critters?

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    Well, Bodhi we call Lumpy, Bodzilla, Good puppy, Dia we call Didi, Bad puppy, Dingo.
    Fat Cat we call Fatty, Gordita and Frodo we call Snow leopard, Rude kitten, Purry puppy. The funny thing is; they all listen to all their names.
    I have pics of all of them on my profile.
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    Nit reminds me of my mom's cat MC. He decided to live there and tormented the cats that already lived there so bad that when the yellow kitty saw him she would get so scared she'd poop on the driveway. So he was named Monster Cat, or MC. Now he's the last one left and a gentle old man.

    Slider came bc that cat was crazy crazy as a kitten and always came sliding into a room bc of the wood floor. He also loves those little hamburgers called sliders. If you eat one in front of him he turns his head to the side and acts like he is chewing until you give him some. I've tried to get a video but he won't let me.
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    Oh Richard, I am so sorry to hear. It is hard to lose a pet.

    My dog, (Black lab) is Licorice ..... we didn;t name her, she was a year old when we got her.

    Licorice .... Lic .... Licky ..... Lic-a-bear, which in turn leads to L.B. and Bear.

    Oh, and of course she is a LAP-rador retriever.

    The kittens are new, so they have fewer names yet. Sarah is fluffy, and has a fluffy tail, Kelsie is a short hair.

    So Kelsy .... Kelce ..... rat-tail (by my husband) and Sara .... Sarie .... fluffy-tail. I am sure they will end up with more names.

    Then, sometimes they are all called trouble!

    And EIleen, other than both being black, my kittens sound like yours. Long, lean and sleak short hair, the other is smaller, fluffy and rounder, for lack of a better word. She LOOKS bigger b.c of all the fluff, but is almost a pound lighter. (And at around 5 pounds, 1 pound is significant.) And I know they were litter mates.

    And of course .... those crazy kittens (see the latest shot of Sara in the cat thread!)
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    Our cats name is Cadbury. She is 16 years old and just a sweet baby most of the time and we usually call her baby. But she has moments when she earns her nickname kitty vicious., or kitty bitchus.
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    I'm feeling less unusual now, whether it's because I'm normal or because y'all are just weird in the same way I am I'll leave to speculation.

    Quote Originally Posted by Eileen
    There are times when I wonder if the shelter made up the sister story so that I would adopt both, as there is no similar body type they share. <snip> Little Gracie ends up being "chubs, short one, and fluffball."
    We've got two sets of known litter mates that not only have different body types, they're different breeds. Set A (Ono, Omai, and Kindle, whose pics are posted in the cats thread) are a tortoise shell girl and an orange tabby boy, both long and lean with sleek coats, and a rag doll who's stocky and fluffy. Set B, Punkin' and Puddin', are a large, chunky orange tabby girl and a long, lean color point short hair boy (looks like a Siamese with orange tabby color points).

    We've also got a brown tabby named Misha, but who's more often called Pudge. Even though she is a little chubby, her nick isn't from her weight issues -- we started calling her that after the fish who controls the weather and likes peanut butter sandwiches from the movie Lilo and Stitch.

    Richard -- I'm so sorry you lost your puppy. It leaves such an emptiness in your heart and your home.

    Keep 'em coming, folks. These names and stories are great.
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    Well, out of everything cats are called pus in Norwegian so I call mine mother's pussyboy and mother's pussygirl )
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    My dog's name is Lemmy. I call him the baby, Lemmydog, Lemmybooboo, Lemlem, and Lem.

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    I knew a guy who had two cats, named "Useless" and "Worthless" . lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by TAM63 View Post
    I knew a guy who had two cats, named "Useless" and "Worthless" . lol
    Funny and sad all at once.

    My friend Julia named her cats Bug and Mooch. More descriptive names never existed.
    It is easier to find men who will volunteer to die, than to find those who are willing to endure pain with patience.

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    Our cat is called Lulu ,I call her Lulubelle.
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